We have seen a huge spike in brand switch to digital to help with their sales. digital storefront has been Digital Marketing Company Newcastle a solution for the majority of retailers are still alive throughout the pandemic. But, quite interesting addition to this, we have seen a surge in consumer behavior as British buyers are four times more likely to buy from the online market rather than directly from a retailer.

“Research by Adobe found that 57% of shoppers buy from the market, compared with 13% on retailer websites – conclusions Adobe is that, even with more time on their hands and restrictions to shop at their stores, consumers are interested in products that are widely range, a strong delivery infrastructure and the limited steps between logging-on and check-out that characterized the market. “

“Many brands and retailers already have a digital presence but what they need to do to break the market dominance and attract customers to their site?”

They need to catch their attention in a way that the market can not. As well as offering seamless travel to buy, they also need to experience a story. They require value added. Most of us realized how valuable content is to brand strategy, but the ironic part of all this is that most of what brand they forgot to add valuable content.

value-added content is exclusive content that your audience can not get anywhere else. What value do you add your content?

It’s all very well and good rummaged because you think that is what you do, but in some ways, it could do you more harm than good.

This is where the value-added content to come, so here is a 2-minute guide that can help to improve your engagement and change those leads into customers.

Build Your Own Community Hub

We are seeing a lift in the content that highlights the loyalty of a digital society, especially post-lockdown. Even as shops reopen the virtual events are also popular among followers but a very niche topic accommodating for specific audiences and drive traffic seems strong as a result of this.

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Now, more than ever people want to be part of the community. online communities can serve as an extra dimension to the marketing success of a brand. digital society help to empower and highlight brand is more than just their products and services and make a real impact on the lifestyle of the customer. Create content that is exclusive to the hub persuade them to come back and feel valued as a customer. Quizzes, surveys, articles and behind the scenes footage that is available only on pages that sit firmly on your site will help to create a continuous stream of users.

real-time interaction with your brand

In the market, consumers often look for reviews and feedback from other consumers. Why not create a real-time live session with a team member, founder of the brand or company spokesperson to help bring our story to life. Answer questions and keep up to date content with the launch of a new collection of products and Q and As. No one knows your brand better than you. Help distinguish it from other content to sit in the same industry to establish a connection.


Free is the source of value-added content not only helps to educate consumers about your brand but also help to build a stronger relationship with your audience. Being able to recognize pain points, making actionable content, and provides answers to common questions that customers ask, suggest that you listen to them and in tune with their behavior, wants, needs and desires. It shows that you listen Digital Marketing Company in Newcastle to them and respond to questions in real time. your content is relevant and timely that differentiates you from the branded market which do not always have the time and resources to personalize content in a way that brands can do on their sites.

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