Rising trend of Mobile ad fraud is hectic situation now.

In our previous article, we told you that always work with the trusted partner, now we will tell you the reason why we said this. The case of mobile ad fraud is increasing day by day as first we hear about the cyber security or phishing scam but now the recent fraud system that is rising of Mobile ad fraud. Last year we have seen mobile app marketer was exposed to 30% more fraud reaching more than $ 800 million worldwide.

So, this is a signal for you all that the frauds user are smarter so to challenge them and stay safe from this issue you have to be more sophisticated and better one but what will you do. In this article, we will present some points which help you to deal with the mobile ad fraud.

Category of Mobile ad fraud

There are two-way of fraud which clearly explains to the user that how it creates so the first way is divided into two categories number one is technical fraud. Technical fraud which is done by a single person or by anyone aimed for making fake advertising even such as an app to click or to install app.

How to deal with mobile ad fraud ?
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Next category is Compliance fraud which is an amazing technique of fraud aimed at bending or breaking the rule on a platform.

The second way from where you can say that ad fraud breaks down and that is where it happens and along with the conversion funnel as the only motive of ad fraud is to stimulate the advertising event.

Some tool which the user has to deal with to step away from Mobile ad fraud.

  • Create a pattern

Pattern recognition is the first step to fight for the ad fraud even both for the technical and compliance fraud. So, here pay attention as if you find that more number of clicks which is coming from same IP address, have high conversion rate and also a high level of a post-install event coming then it’s a signal for you to be alert. A pattern can be helpful here as you can see the time between the click and install is longer than usual traffic.

  • About the blacklist

Earlier if you find any published or specific IP address as a fraud one then you can simply add them to your blacklist for your future reference. Here all the IPs who belongs to the same hosting can easily get blocked after the verification. So, once you determine the pattern step then it’s not that your job has been done as your next step would be the blacklist them.

  • Demand transparency

Here the transparency indicates that you are able to get access to raw data. If you change your mind and now you decided to work with the mobile ad fraud tool then make sure to see how your mobile ad budget is being spent.

  • Start working with trusted partners

If you want to protect yourself from such mobile ad fraud then our suggestion for you is to work with the trusted partner in the industry. Here you can also use the independent mobile ad detection and also some prevention tools like Intercepted. With the help of Intercepted, you can customize rule set such as click-to-install and Install-to event rates and blacklist automatically.

Now the time has come where you have to identify the mobile ad fraud which is increasing day by day. We have mentioned above some points related to handling the mobile ad frauds so remember this and always stay protected.