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Over the past two weeks, we have seen the events of the main industry in three continents postponed or canceled Digital Marketing Company Southampton due to concerns about coronavirus (COVID-19), including the Geneva Motor Show, Auto China in Beijing, SXSW in Austin, Texas and the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.
Events and trade shows are a major part of the marketing strategy for most companies and marketing JUST activities for others. Marketing directors who had planned their company’s presence in the event was a significant industry for several months scrambling to change direction to launch new products, introduce the brand and / or help their sales team to meet with potential customers. Cancellation of this magnitude is rare, but not a general crisis. The solution for this kind of situation calls for some serious on-the-fly thinking, intelligent work and a large amount of flexibility.
So, what are your options?

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  1. Stream it!
    If this is one of the major launch or event for this year, and time is of the essence, do not miss your chance – take the online launch. If people can not come to you, go to them. Executing press conferences or product disclosure by streaming all over the world. This can be done with a live streaming or recording and post to video sites tracked or landing page. Spread the word through the media, eblasts, digital advertising and social media outreach.
  2. Own it!
    Consider the time involved with the crisis and plan stand-alone events on your own for a later date. In many trade fairs, you have very limited time with the media and customers. An event organized to give you the opportunity to cut through the clutter of industry-wide events and ensure an unforgettable experience that audiences will always remember and associate with your brand. Thus, the host and bring a group of target media, customers, investors and / or influencers for you. Give them a full or half day with your team. Giving them access to the executive. Feed them and entertain them.
  3. Plan for it!
    This is only loosely related to trade shows and events, but it’s surprising how few companies have a crisis communication plan and formal measures in place. Crisis communication plan clearly lays out what it says, what it does and what actions are taken by each particular person in an organization when a crisis arises. The incident that requires both internal and external communications occur every day, from factory fires, chemical spills and accidents to natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes and tsunamis. Your team needs to be prepared.

When pressed into high-pressure situations, we find that people show incredible amount of creativity, hard work and passion, often give results that exceeded expectations. With clear thinking Digital Marketing Agencies Southampton and sound marketing strategy, you can turn disappointment into an opportunity.

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