For several years, the video has been viewed as one of the best forms of content to communicate and engage Digital Marketing Agencies in Stafford with your social community. Looking at the numbers it’s not hard to see why with more than one billion hours of video are watched on YouTube every day, 100 million hours of videos watched per day on Facebook and Tweet with video attracted 10 times more involvement of Tweets without video.

But if your video accessible to social audiences all over you?

In the UK alone, 11 million people in the deaf or hard of hearing and with many platforms automatically play video without sound for all users, subtitles must be a primary consideration.

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There are two options for this, a form of closed caption subtitles which can be enabled or disabled by the viewer or have subtitles on the video itself where this option is not available.

So what features and functions that are currently available on social platforms and how do you use it?

YouTube is the best platform to start with, like what is offered has other uses outside of YouTube. More on this later.

In this case the Creator Studio, YouTube Digital Marketing Agency in Stafford offers the function to create a Closed Caption (CC) subtitles to accompany the video or change the automatically generated.

To get started uploading or select videos on your channel and click Transcription – it is 5 icons on the left side.

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