With so many world come online in a hurry and getting used to doing things not in person and not through Digital Marketing Agencies in Sheffield Zoom, people are looking to gain the same knowledge as before (and perhaps in a way that is faster and easier) through online courses.

Simply put, the online course will be one of the most profitable businesses to build.

So how do you market online courses and ultimately convert your website visitors into paying customers and then promote your eager fans and of course you?

Here’s a recap of the webinar, which you can see in full embedded above. Big thanks LifterLMS for hosting it!

1) How to drive traffic / audience
After launching your site and have your original content and for sale, the first thing to do is to get traffic and viewers to the site.

So how do you do it?

There are three main ways to drive viewers to your course, and the right to invest in depends on the strength of your (or your team).

Tutorial / partnership – can be great for exposure and build an audience on the other line. Spike-y and a lot of ongoing effort.
Content and organic / SEO – takes the longest to go, but set a stable base of business to build from.
Paid acquisition – usually the day and age of social media, but do not count out the Google Ads!
But before we get into that, do not forget that there are many platforms out there (especially social media) that can be very useful for the growing audience.

But remember – they can change the rules at any time. new platform often new user incentives to “reach” until they have enough to roll out the use of advertising.

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My rule for this is:

Build your content on your own domain where possible. It is often much cheaper, customizable, and gives you other opportunities marketing.
Use another platform to encourage people there and then a list of your own to keep them engaged.
If you need to use something like Kajabi, make sure you have an email address they use your own payment portal.
Referral / partnership
Tutorial and partnership requires a relationship, but it can be a big driver of growth in the beginning. If you already have an audience in your room, then it becomes easier.

Strategies include:

Utilizing social media growth strategies such as life partner,
reciprocal promotion (email, social, advertising)
Promoting other people before they promote you (being a giver)
Guests to others to teach things that are valuable to their audience, for free.
There are so many social media and referral strategies out there that I can not go far on them. But there are some who actually proved:

Shout your friends and make them shout you out (take part in the prize?)
Use relevant hashtags in your posts
Involved (the social media after all) in a comment
Encouraging others to comment on a post or share your content to help your own organic range (because the network prioritize what your friends have also been involved with, to encourage engagement!)
Use tools such as Buffer MeetEdgar or posting content consistently.
There are many opportunities out there to increase referrals from relevant sources:

Quora – find Quora thread rankings in search engines and increase the value of their content. Do promotion!
Reddit – same as above. Believed to be a contributor to subreddits and you can get away with a lot.
content sites are always looking for more content. If you are a good writer, consider becoming contributors. This is good for the brand, SEO, and referrals.
Content / SEO
SEO and content marketing can be a big driver of growth, but took an integrated time and effort.

Luckily for you, you are a content company! You can leverage your content library (and other free content) to encourage growth.

Do not forget – every piece of content you create to social can also be placed on your website so that it can drive Digital Marketing Company Sheffield traffic there as well. Repurpose!

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Things to keep in mind so you can leverage your content for SEO inclusive growth.

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