Large-Scale Study: How to Rank for Snapshot Options
The holy grail of search engine optimization for any SEO company is to achieve a feature piece, often called “zero position”, for subscribers. At Digital NRG we set out a strategy to achieve this for our customers in early 2018. We are pleased to have achieved not just one, but several snippets feature for a number of our customers within a few months.
In a recent study conducted by SEMRush and Ghergich & Co., they analyze 6.9 million pieces feature. In addition, they analyzed 80 million keywords. The goal is to break down the Digital Marketing Agencies in Southampton percentage of the pieces featured by keyword group.
Their focus is on the question, the prepositions, and the comparison phase search. They had massive success earning displayed three pieces in the region. But they want the data to support what they see on the ground. Now, thanks to SEMRush, they have it.
Results of research compiled by A.J. Ghergich, founder Ghergich & Co.
Let’s start by looking at the power of keyword queries.
New Feature Trailer? The data says that from here!
Inquiries showed an increase of 480% in the percentage of keywords with pieces displayed
Something surprising happens when I delete a question, the prepositions, and the comparison of our large data sets. Contrary to popular belief, only 7% of the generic keyword has a feature piece. small studies showed a higher rate, but 80 million keywords is the largest study that I have seen.
(Generic keywords that are non-questions, preposition, or keyword comparison.)
A “proposition” is a word that is set, and usually before the noun or pronoun and express the relationship with other words or elements in the clause, as in the ‘man on the platform,’ ‘he arrived after dinner’, ‘what do you do that for? ‘
You can see on the graph that 41% of the questions have a feature piece. Comparison and keywords preposition also more likely to indicate the pieces feature.
If you start to see the pieces of the feature, the side with the question of data and optimize.
Inquiries showed an increase of 480% in the percentage of keywords with pieces displayed.

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The findings featured snippets Questions
Featured Trailer Questions
What jumps off the page is how well it did in productive questions verse featuring pieces. The major exception to that rule is the “how to” phrase. The “how” fantastic keyword in a list of the pieces feature.

The findings featured Proposition Trailer
The findings featured Proposition Trailer
Look closely at the key word preposition, and you can see what I mentioned about “how” keyword. Preposition is a great opportunity to optimize the ordered and unordered lists.

The findings featured Comparison Trailer
The findings featured Comparison Trailer
Our analysis of keyword comparison is somewhat difficult to break down. On the surface, it seems they are very suitable for displaying pieces of verse. But that’s because there are not many comparison tables are structured for Google to choose from.
I have had success format the price comparison in the table and get a piece of features. content does not change – just the way we present data. Pricing keyword is a kind of end-of-purchase-cycle keywords that tend to have a high conversion.

Featured Trailer Overall Breakdown
Snippet selection step-by-step
The graph shows that if you are trying to rank for the question, go to a paragraph displayed pieces. If you are trying to rank for prepositions, use the list. Pricing comparison performed well at the table.
Now you have the data on the type of piece features to optimize for. Appearance Let’s see how to optimize your content for the pieces displayed.

How Long Should Commodity Snapshot Content Be?
Guidelines on Commodity Snapshot Paragraph Long
As a good rule of thumb, I said copywriter Digital Marketing Company in Southampton to make paragraphs in the range of 40 to 60 words. You should be concise and avoid the giant wall of text.

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