If you are running a business no matter it is a big industry or small. You can reach success if you have something better as compared to another one. India is a country where most of the industrialists work overseas too. Especially they want to get connected with the European nation because reaching towards the success is a big deal because of competition going in the market. Do you know something about the telecommunication company?

No matter from which country they presented, people always like their work and praise what they have shown. Today’s time many such telecommunication businesses are working hard to get the contract of 5G network as they know that if they get such contacts then reputation in the market increases and of course also  huge amount will be in their pockets.

Huawei got contract of 5G from approx 30 countries!!!
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Today I will tell you that why I am talking about the telecommunication companies because these days the China Company Huawei is everywhere and getting popularity. Many company praises and many hates. Haters don’t want Huawei Company should reach every nation but who cares the good news is Huawei got the contract of 5G now and from approx 30 countries. I will tell you the whole details so keep reading this-

Big surprise! Huawei finally got contract of 5G from approx. 30 countries.

Let me tell you that the telecommunication Company of China Huawei running towards the success and their hard work shows the result that they are setting up a super-fast telecommunication system. We all know that US banned on Huawei 5G service trials. After that they still got a chance and yes get the contract from approx. 30 countries. The Company said that it has obtained 46 commercial of 5G contracts in 30 countries and also they shipped more than one lakh 5G station all over the world. The Shenzhen-headquartered firm finally speaks about that 5G network when they were under pressure by the US.

What the US said about the Huawei Company?

The country US is known for their controversies. At this time it is China and its telecommunication company is the topic of discussion. As the US issues the warning that the Company Huawei could be manipulated by Beijing to spy on their country. This type of statement definitely decreases the reputation of the Huawei. That is the reason India too don’t want to deal with Huawei 5G service trials.

Why India don’t want to deal?

The situation between the India and China is worse. The reason is territorial disputes and India is ready to block the China technologies. In reply, China is also ready for this. As they warn India that there are many such companies that is doing business in China. Like Mahindra and Mahindra and Reliance Industries is the example. China warns India to shut down such business. If this happen then this will be a big loss for India.

What Huawei talks about the contract of 5G?

After getting such statements from other countries, Huawei still ready to be the best company globally. That is the reason they got 5G contracts from 30 countries which is a big surprise. Nobody expected this. The Company Huawei said that they are well-prepared for the China 5G commercial use. In case if you have forgotten then let me remind you folks, Huawei is the company who made the first 5G call and also launched 5G terminal device. They have faced many issues during their 5G project, but still Huawei did this. This is the reason now Huawei called out to be the perfect choice like Samsung and Apple.

They have announced the contract of 30 countries but the name of the countries are still not clear. This will be announced later that who accepted the proposal of China. The Huawei Company has to work really very hard because 5G technology is called out to be the next cellular technology. Get ready to experience the best download speed, it is 100 times faster if we compare it with a 4G network.

Why other countries block the Company Huawei earlier?

Do you know about Australia and New Zealand? They already blocked the Huawei and the reason is Huawei supplying equipment of 5G mobile network. Also above we have explained to you about the US. You all know why the US banned Huawei? Now India has to take decision. We all know about the dispute between India and China. Due to this India will shut the door for Huawei or otherwise give the invitation for 5G trials. Now we have to wait and watch what decision India will take?

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