Increase the Love Hate Relationship with your businessIf you ask people who own their own businesses if they liked it, a lot of people will tell you that they have a love / hate relationship.
They probably love what they Digital Marketing Agency in Sheffield do in terms of products or services they provide, but they do not like the pieces they need to do to run the business successfully.

In other words, there is no one in this world who loves his or her business 100% of the time.

Working for yourself is difficult and you do not want to cause resentment.

Hatred could mean that the things you like, things that make you wake up in the morning, it could be the thing you hate the most. But you can avoid this by setting some of the tactics in place to help you (and your sanity).

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Here are some ways to overcome some of the problems love / hate relationship you may have with your business that has worked (a miracle) to me:

Work out what to do first.

Prioritize your workload sound like an obvious thing to do business, but many business owners do not see the priority as a priority! funny huh?

First things first, get everything you do on paper or in project management tools such as Asana. Then sort projects or tasks into categories by the client or the maturity date. From there, develop a list of high priority tasks to complete. By setting priorities, it will allow you to park certain tasks in your mind and focus on what is important – directly frees your mind and reduce anxiety.

What you do not love?
Write down all the tasks you have to do in your business, and then work out the things that you really do not like to do (or maybe even insulting).

Perhaps booking appointments, events, designing presentations, creating graphics for banners Your Facebook, send invoices, or even follow up client payments.

Think about outsourcing some or all of these specific tasks for bookkeepers, virtual assistants (assistant working at your virtual office), a graphic designer, etc.

Tell your friends and family what you are doing.
Working in your own business can seem more like a hobby for those closest to you and this can actually work against you in setting boundaries.

It’s not that they are trying to be mean or do not care, the more that they do not understand where you’re at. By sharing what you are doing and let them know your work hours and that you really need to focus in this time frame, you can lower your anxiety level about friendship and family pressure.

From my own experience, I can attest to the success of sharing what you do with friends and family. It really helped me to get to a place of peace, rather than frustration!

Make a detailed plan.
I was recently introduced to the 90-day plan and stone!

Big-arsed set a goal for 90 days you include dollar figures and projects. breakdown of the first 30 days with all the things you will need to start moving toward your goal.

Then drop it a step further – putting your job in a week and then every day.

Although you will still do all the same things in that period, you will feel as if the end of the project is not so scary and that you’re really getting something when you move through each task. Victory!

Stop being someone you’re not.
Being a marketer, I often work with clients to get to the core of who they are and not just what they do. But in this case, it is about being authentic to who you are.

It sounds simple enough, but when you are faced with working with many different clients can seem as though Digital Marketing Company Sheffield you have to be a person who sincerely for one client and more of the relaxed during – its tiring.

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