In modern competitive business environment creating a smart phone application for online store become a necessity to survive in this difficult competitive environment. Because most of the marketing firms whether it is a startup, retailers, Multi National Companies have understand the importance of providing their customers with a facility of easily accessing and utilizing their online services.

Is It Necessary To Create Mobile Application For Online Store?
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E-commerce applications are the tools which are created solely for the fulfillment of this purpose.  Apart from serving tool for online store E-commerce apps serves various other important purposes also, such as improvement in operational activities, Acquiring new customers, retaining existing customers, expanding of order values in order to maximize profit.

Reasons for developing mobile applications for online store were as follows:

Earning customer’s trust and loyalty

There is a continuous debate going on what people prefer most website or apps but when it comes to online store winner is mobile applications because smartphone application helpful in building brand loyalty and consumer trust. Almost 70 percent of people prefer apps for making purchases of goods and services. Smart phone applications really helpful in strengthening the bond between online stores and consumers, in order to increasing the download and installation of your app by the customers provide them exclusive offers and limited discount to install your app.

Due to high interactive feature of mobile applications

High interactive feature of smart phone applications provides flexibility to user in terms of sharing the links of their favorite applications among their friends and family members. Users can also write their reviews and opinions regarding any particular product they had purchased or used. Sharing and downloading of mobile applications also fulfill the purpose of marketing and promotion of your products.  Every individual who have downloaded your app is an opportunity for you to advertise your product, goods and services. By providing special offers you can target both new and existing customer so that they can download and install your app.

Application has higher processing speed than sites

This is the fact that has been undermined of underestimated by many potential store owners due to tough competition in the market and tight schedule of users they have scarcity of time they want everything fast and quick. If your application or website takes more than 4 second to upload believe us consumer will leave your site and visit another site. Therefore, it is recommended before developing an app for online store that its processing speed should be fast enough that will help us in creating a great pool of loyal and trusted consumers.  Also smart phone applications can perform certain basic functions such as checking prices and comparing products offline they did not entirely depend upon internet, whereas sites need continuous connection to the internet for update and upgradation of their content.

For better analytic and feedback

Smart phone applications provide you the greater flexibility in data collection and tracking which allows developer to surveillance consumer/customer interaction and provides you essential information about them. Such as consumer response to a particular content and features, session length, feedback, audience composition etc. this will help developer for longer period of time in sending updates, building personalize content, organizing marketing campaigns and strategies.

Feature of push notifications

Building Smart phone applications for online stores provides a special feature of push notifications to the developer, which helps in engaging customers/users by sending them timely notifications and encourage them to place immediate orders which ultimately results in increasing sales and profit.

On a concluding note we can say that creating mobile applications for online stores is need of time for every online store owners. Otherwise small business owners did not have any chance of surviving in this competitive business environment. They have to take risk and upgrade themselves in order to establish themselves at enterprise level.