Do you know what difficulty developers have to face for building or developing the applications? It is hard to find out the platform which is open-source or free to develop an app. I guess many newcomers who are reading this blog always get confused. They are not able to understand which is good or which is worse. Many of you are confused so it is up to you after understanding everything related to software then set your decision later. In this article I am going to discuss about the open source called Laravel.

Laravel 6.0 is now released, upgrade yourself
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Well, it is not only free for you but also an open-source platform for the developers which are best for the development of web applications. Even the Laravel software has many such different versions which are available from the year 2011 and still it is going on. I have shared about Laravel in this blog just to inform you that its new version Laravel 6.0 is now available to download. Let me share some exceptional features that you can understand well. Read the article till last to create awareness regarding this version.

Some important features of Laravel 6.0

 1. “Semantic Versioning”

Now this software called Laravel start following the semantic versioning standard in its 6.0 version. It means that it has set of 3 component numbers in the form of XYZ. Where X is Major versions, Y is Minor versions and Z is patches. It will help the Laravel to get consistent with the first-party package which was earlier and still following this version standard. There is no such change you gonna see in a Laravel release cycle. 

2. Serverless Laravel with Vapor

If you don’t know about this Laravel Vapor then let me explain that this version provides compatibility to Laravel Vapor which is just an auto-scaling Serverless platform for Laravel. This Vapor role is to intellect complexity for managing Laravel applications on AWS lambda. Also, Vapor ready to interface those applications with SQS queues, databases, network, Redis clusters and many more. 

3. It presented an improvement in exceptions via Ignition 

The version Laravel 6.0 moved on and shift to Ignition which is known for an open-source exceptional detail page created by two persons Freek Vander Herten and Marcel Pociot. I think most of the developers know about Ignition benefits like it offers you a runnable solution for a common problem, improved blade error file and line number handling, code editing and the last it improved UX.

4. No difficulty in Authorization messages response 

Earlier it was a major problem for developers as they have seen this problem in the last version where it is too difficult to expose or retrieve custom authorization messages to end-users. Now this problem is resolved, as the version called Laravel 6.0 version is much easier for you all for using authorization response messages.

5. Know about Job Middleware

Okay so the role of the Job middleware is just to wrap custom logic around the execution of the queued job and thus it will reduce the boilerplate in job then. Let me remind you as every developer knows about this method in the previous version of Laravel software where it wrap job’s handle method and it has done within a rate-limited callback. 

Do you want to upgrade the Laravel 6.0 version? 

After reading about the 6.0 version now I think most of you set their mind to upgrade it as soon as possible. Here I will tell you how you can upgrade. In your file “Composer.json”, change the framework level from 5.8 to 6.0 versions. One important thing, if you operate version below 5.8 then upgrade 5.8 version first before going to 6.0. There is no such bug which can create security issue for you as the version of Laravel 6.0 is worth for your application project so go for it.

To upgrade your Laravel from 5.8 to 6.0 you need PHP 7.2 or greater. If you are using the version of PHP 7.1, then this will be no longer active after December 2019. For more detailed information you can visit Laravel official website.

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