Software and programmer are those who are ruling in every industry whether we talk about the mobile development process or any other aspect. Why they are ruling that is the question? It is simple as we know how amazing their job is, to launch any application for the audience to use. For this they need to learn a special kind of coding. But it is not as simple as you were thinking because you have to be alert and active to handle every technical software issues. You should know every program because it’s your job and you have to give your 100% for sure.

In our previous article, I have mentioned or explained in brief about the software workflow component or version control repository, you remember those two components? If not then let me tell you that those two were Github and Gitlab and also we have explained you there difference. Let me share important information about Gitlab that you can watch out in its new version which names as Gitlab 12.0. We will explain about this version for you, so read the content till last.

A simple process for complex task, go and check Gitlab 12.0 version.

The version Gitlab 12.0 is ready to create never ending journey. This is fantastic tool for every stakeholder that is ready to help them. How? It helps them from operation to QA to business owners and that is the reason they are able to approve application changes before production. Here you will see that Gitlab 12.0 provide the visual feedback directly from the review application. Let me tell you in short that it is simple, there is no use of toggling between different tabs and always helps to review the shorten cycle.

This is very interesting topic and now I am going to share some important key features of Gitlab12.0 version for you.

  • As we all know about the Gitlab that it has the ability to automatically create review apps for each merge request. Therefore in the version 12.0 it brings an ability to insert visual review tools on the spot on Review app itself. So, here with the small code snippet, every user can do their job by using a designer, product manager for quick feedback.
  • This one is important for you to see a change in Gitlab as the version will show you a change in Web IDE which will not be synced to the Web terminal. The changes you watch on Web IDE can now be tested for you in Web terminal.
  • The feature of Gitlab 12.0 which we have mentioned above simplifies that new contributors are not allowed as the version 12.0 is ready to lower the barrier to entry of new contributor so it is a good option. They are allowed only for view and edit not for installing local dependencies of any project. 
  • So, another important point for you folks to understand that Gitlab 12.0 version introduced Wolphin. Okay so do you want to know its role of Gitlab? Read this as it is ready to help the entire user to include multiple extend snippets in a single job, also you can now achieve streamlined and also dry CI Configuration.
  • For the separate group of notification, Gitlab has added such type of feature in its version but what exactly the feature is, let’s readout first. The version 12.0 has the ability to select separate emails address for every group notification. How? Let me give you an example- from now onward a work email address for workgroup and personal email address is for the personal group.
  • The last feature which is quite interesting for everyone. That is about the default branch as here you will see the option now to send the failure notification directly on the default branch of the project.