I know, you readers sometimes don’t like ads maybe because it is quite wastage of time according to you. Trust me, your loss is someone’s gain and here I am highlighting the marketers who want to reach to their customers and credit goes to Google Ads introduced by Google. Google helps marketers to operate the business through Google Ads. Every year you operate some exceptional features of Google Ads. Recently, some more features Google highlighted. I think it’s time to explain to you what it is. Read out the piece of content regarding this latest update in Google Ads.

Brief Intro of Google Ads

Many of you are new in this field so let me introduce about Google Ads. Then after you can understand it well. Google Ads is said to be an online advertising platform that enables every marketer to advertise their product in front of web users. By this way they meet the audience’s needs to reach them instantly. If users click on displayed ads then advertisers has to pay to Google on every click. Most of you have not seen this, but let me share where you can watch.  

Suppose, you search for “Hotel room’s package in Delhi” on Google then it is obvious that you get many links related to that but notice sharply that at the top and the bottom results generally appears ads. First, it was named Google AdWords but later on, in July 2018 Google introduced a new name called “Google Ads”.

Latest features launched by Google for Google Ads.

User-Interface for Google Ads
Image Credit: Google Image

-Changes in User-Interface for Google Ads

Google agrees with this that such kinds of changes are worth for everyone. In fact, good responses Google got while changing the User Interface. If you compare old UI with the new one then let me tell you that the new one is cool and amazing rather than clunky like we saw in the older one.

-Watch ‘in-market audience’ in Search network 

This is shocking for most of the users but the fact is now the in-market audience is finally on your ‘Search Network’. It was available earlier in the ‘Display Network’ which enables the advertiser to find a prospect. Now, Google has done something for you and it understands and identifies such hyper-valuable subsets of your target demo on this Search Network.

-Introduced about Google Survey

This is a plus point for you all marketers as this survey allows the user to create a survey, watch a specific audience sample and introduce the result rapidly. It makes your test easier and you get the feedback too from your customers. It is a good idea because you are able to know where your customers click on ads and you get to know which ads get a good response more. 

-Location Extension of YouTube Ads 

This feature might be too surprising for you all as the feature welcome disinterested person to watch your Youtube video and notice the new location extension. I am sure by this way he/she will ready to buy the product that you want to sale via video. This type of technique can be compared with the method called Pay-per-click. 


As we know that every year Google updates its features and last year we also saw some big updates in Google Ads. Wait, folks, this trend isn’t ending here, as in this article above I have listed some updates in Google Ads which you have witnessed to them. As you have also got to know that Google Ads play a crucial role in shaping marketing, marketers can use Google Ads in their marketing strategy to enhance their brand awareness. The updated features of Google ads will help you in your marketing more effectively and efficiently. Just keep yourself updated with Google Ads features if it’s a part of your business.

This is all about Google Ads. Kindly comment below to let us know how you find the article. We will be back with another article, till then get in touch with us for more updates.