How machine learning technology is used in business?

“Machine Learning” Does this term ring a bell? You must have heard or read this term somewhere. And why not, machine learning has become so popular in recent years that everyone knows this term. However they are unaware of the meaning of it. Don’t worry, in this article I will […]

Here is how Machine Learning transforming the world

Since the inception of 21st century we have witnessed paradigm shifts in technology. New technologies are developing every year. We can very commonly hear the terms ‘Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Internet of things’, ‘Cloud Computing’ and many more. One more popular technology is ‘Machine Learning’. In this article I will be discussing about what […]


In this digital era surviving without smart phone apps are not possible. Because the time has gone when apps are used to be for fun, playing and entertainment purposes only. Now apps have become a digital tool by the use of which we can organized and enhance our lifestyle. There is an app available for […]