Significance of NDA in mobile app

Many of you aware about this term NDA in political scenario but don’t worry we are not talking about politics today. Since it a technical term used in Mobile app development. Many of you may heard about this but not aware of its true meaning. So today we are going to discuss what is NDA?  Or does it necessary for mobile app development or not? We are going to spread some enlighten on this topic today.

Meaning of NDA

NDA (NON Disclosure Agreement) as cleared from the term it is a form of legal agreement signed by two companies with mutual understanding. With only single purpose in mind and that is ensuring the security of confidential information not to be disclosed to the parties or clients that are not a part of agreement at any cost.

Types of NDA

Basically there are 3 prime categories of NDA which app developing companies and entrepreneurs signs.

  • Unilateral NDA

As cleared from the mentioned term unilateral it is a type of agreement in which two parties are involved one disclosing the information while the other who are receiving it. The agreement constricts the receiving party from disclosing information to anyone who are not the part of contract.

  • Bilateral NDA

In this form of agreement also two parties involved but unlike unilateral where only one party has complete control over confidential data. Here, both the parties have access to some form of confidential data with equal control. Both the parties sign the agreement by agreeing to the condition that they won’t reveal anything to the world.

  • Multi-lateral NDA

As cleared from mentioned term multi means more than two parties are involved in this contract committed by the agreement that they won’t reveal any type of confidential information or content mentioned in the contract.

NDA; is it required for your mobile app?
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Now the answer to the question is NDA really necessary for mobile app development? well it depends upon the company and developer from today’s point of view many regard this as an obsolete while the others see it as a safe option for building an app. Therefore, we are going to analyze the conditions in which it is necessary or in which it is not so that you can take your decision.

Suitable conditions for signing an NDA with mobile app development company/agency

  • In case of proprietary information

As a developer you should sign NDA with app development agency when you have some type of concrete proprietary data or type of information and content which are eligible for patent and copyright in these conditions you must sign the agreement.

  • When the contractor/developing company is comfortable with agreement

In case the app developing company or agency to whom with you are sharing your idea is not against the contract.

If they feel comfortable with it then go for the NDA but ensure that mentioned conditions in the contract should not be one sided or biased to any side. Agreement signing should be done on mutual terms.

  • If your idea is  unique and needs protection-

If your idea is too unique and out of the box then in that situation it needs to be completely protected from any type of public exposure.

In this scenario you should definitely sign the contract at any cost. This will prevent the developing company/agency from placing your idea in their database/portfolio.

  • Maintaining the time limit

In majority of the cases the developer wants to only protect his project and idea from the public eye only for short period of time.

In the cases like these it is good to get an NDA signed so that the information and content remain secured till the fix period of time.

Conditions for not signing an NDA with mobile app development company/agency

  • Incase if you have just have an initial idea

Majority of the developers has a false belief that their app development idea is unique and path breaking but the fact is it is still a belief. So until as a developer if don’t have any significant, statistical reason that your idea is really path breaking then don’t go for NDA signing.

  • When your idea/project is short termed

Most of the time NDA is signed when the idea of app development project is something completely new and unique will take time to become a reality. So in that scenario long term investment in the project is required because of chances of development failure always present in this scenario. Therefore, most of the time two major brands working on a cooperative project sign as NDA. But in case if your project is short-termed and idea of your app development already present in the market. In that case don’t go for NDA.

  • In case you’re developing company/agency against the idea

As an app developer and entrepreneur if your developing company/agency whom with you sharing your idea is not in the favor of signing an NDA. Then take a step back and try to think with calm mind does it really that important, then take decision.