For the B2B brand, this is the right time to focus on LinkedIn for marketing. But doing it the right way is the most important, because it’s very easy to go wrong. (And so many marketers do it.)

The strength of the social media platform as B2B marketing channels cannot be denied:

More than 700 million Digital Marketing Company Newcastle from all over the world, all with rich profile data include location, job titles, seniority, and others. Members not only share this detail openly, but they are motivated to make them updated and accurate, for the purposes of career development and professional identity.

The ability to easily seize reciprocal connections and opportunities for personal introduction, through 1st-derquele, 2nd degrees, and 3rd title connections.

Various Messaging, Publishing, and Advertising Tools to achieve highly targeted professional audience in inviting contexts and trusted environments.

We have talked a lot on this blog recently about the importance of encouraging deeper involvement with your audience at this time, through things such as B2B content marketing, leadership of influential thinking, and fourpaan messaging. Engagement must always be a priority, of course, but now – especially for companies that might see revenue reduction because the relationship of impacts of pandemics with long-term increase is important marketing prerogative rights.

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LinkedIn can be an ideal place to identify, connect, and establish relationships with individuals or will be valuable for your business. In Toprank Marketing, we have the privilege of calling LinkedIn Marketing Solutions to clients for years now, so of course we oversee their new product offers and their growing best practices.

LinkedIn can be an ideal place to identify, connect with and establish relationships with valuable individuals for your business in the short term or long term. b2bmarketembled to tweet

Therefore, we thought we would highlight several new tools that might be useful, along with some tactics and techniques that you might not consider to increase involvement and increase the presence of your brand on the platform.

What’s new on LinkedIn for B2B marketers?

It’s not all new, but they are relatively new and offer many promises in the current marketing landscape.

LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn Events

At the time of in-of-person meetings are  and postponed, direct streaming events and  quickly appear as the main opportunity to stay connected with the audience in a personal and interactive way. LinkedIn Live offers a way to stream videos directly through the platform, and you can use it in a combination with the LinkedIn event to u your community.

Our friends and clients from LinkedIn (and pass the B2B Guest B2B for free!) Judy Tian recently illuminated five examples of brands and individuals who encourage strong involvement with LinkedIn Live.

Conversation ad

It’s been a long time to achieve prospects through  ads and messages on LinkedIn, but conversation ads help change this involvement into a two-way automatic interaction with more value for users and more insightful insights that can be followed up for advertisers. In short, you can make several lines for every experience based on the response selected by members, to better understand their needs and intentions, and to guide them to the right offer or content.


This feature has been available for advertisers for a while, the first launch in 2018, but this is a good choice to consider if you haven’t. Carousel advertising allows brands to make a series Digital Marketing Companies Newcastle of cards (images, text, CTA) that can be rolled, provide opportunities for viewing visuals that bring users through cohesive trips.