Similar to nature, technological development is ongoing phenomenon which cannot be controlled only we humans can manipulate it. For example we can build protective walls to save a city from Tsunami but protective wall has its limit of absorbing shock and destruction generated from Tsunami.

What will be the result in case the intensity of the waves is much higher than the resistance of protective wall? Same goes with new technological trends currently they are reducing the job opportunities. Advance technological innovations like artificial intelligence, IOT objects, industrial automation etc. has minimizes the human effort resulting in job loss. In this article we will see how these emerging technological trends are doing this:

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence along with machine learning is that aspect of computer science through which you can design Robots, Smart machines that works and behaves like humans.

For example Majority of us has seen movie Ironman there is artificial intelligence name “Jarvis” in the movie. You must aware of now what Jarvis can do he can pretty much control whole building our Hero ironman itself.  When this movie was released I think robot or A.I is a science fiction but now it is a reality we are living with it.

ALEXASIRIHello Google all this in your smartphones is the form of artificial intelligence. Besides there are various categories and types of robots such as Hybrid, Humanoid, parallel etc helps you by learning artificial intelligence and machine learning. You can design and developed industry specific Robots. For example just visit any car manufacturing plant there you will see a Robot that are developed for industries also called articulated robot. Articulated robots versatile in function and best suited for industries. The major tasks these robots perform are ranging from dispensing, welding, material handling etc.

Previously these tasks performed by human and now due to technological enhancement performed by robots result loss of job opportunities. Not only manufacturing sector in various sector and industries Smart machines designed with the help of A.I and machine learning reducing the job opportunities by performing industry specific tasks

Another category of robot is humanoid these are the robots which design on the basis of human structure. It means they have face, eyes, legs, torso similar to human body. If you have watched Rajnikanth starrer movie Robot chitthi the Robot in it is comes under humanoid category.

The real world example of these types of robot is Sophia although many professionals did not consider it as a complete humanoid robot because it only uses few features of A.I in it. That’s why many critics termed it as a chatbot with a face.

Designing the robot that can match human intelligence is the real humanoid robot. It means when a full fledge Humanoid robot comes into existence if not look like chitthi then hopefully it will be pretty close to it.

Besides your smartphone A.I based voice assistant feature such as SIRI, Hello Google, did they answer all your questions? what about some philosophical and psychological questions, Is there any possibility as a user you are not satisfied by few answers.

But improvements are coming with every latest version of operating system so just now think what will happen if humanoid like Chitthi and A.I system like Jarvis came in existence. I don’t think there is any task or job left which Robots cannot do.

Automated vehicles or transportation

This is the technological trend which you will be going to see in INDIA in coming times. I think most of you in the 90’s have watched the movie “TARZAN the wonder car”.  

The technology will make your car fully automatic vehicles that can operate on their own without the need of single human effort. We have already witnessed driverless metro, Automatic gear system is the reality in present time. You do not have to shift the gears, car will do it automatically.

So, we have seen driverless vehicles, automated features and specifications. Just by integrating the auto-pilot specification based on A.I and robotics, fully automated car remain to come in market. No more a science fiction it will soon become a reality. But when that happens jobs in tourism sector are in great danger driver will become jobless only the job opportunities for mechanics or automobile engineer will survive.

Industrial Automation

The concept of Industry4.0 is emerging concept these days it means making the industries smart or creating the smart industries. In above mentioned points I have talked about industry specific robots how robots are reducing the job opportunities in manufacturing sector. Not only manufacturing sector other sector also affected by it.

Samsung in CES 2019 has introduced a home-medical support robot. The robot was able to guide, provide instructions and suggestions regarding exercise, meditation techniques, correct body posture etc. In case of emergency it can automatically make contact to nearest hospital. So this robot best suited for senior citizens and elderly peoples who require almost 24×7 hour attention due to their medical condition.

Now think it is just a first line of production by Samsung advancement and upgradation will happen due course of time then it will become much better. Now think in medical sector there is a huge requirement of caretakers, ward boy, logistic assistant that will provides equipment’s and logistics during the surgery and treatments all these service sector jobs are in danger. It is only a matter of time when the advanced model hit the market. 

By understanding the above mentioned points at first glance we can see that new technological innovations are reducing the jobs. That is a fact but when you try to think deeply you will realize that technological development will open the door of full off new job opportunities that will be essential for creating the jobs.

For example when your car will become fully automated and there is no need of drivers this will lead to rise of employment opportunities in automobile engineer sector. Due to advance technological up gradation means advance technological issues and complexities so the need of skilled technicians, repairers, engineers will rise. New technological trends might be reducing the jobs but at the same time they also creating opportunities of more versatile and diversified jobs.