Though nobody exactly owns the internet but Google has definitely been ruling it. The company that started out as an internet search engine now provide many things like data storage, messaging, marketing tools, web browser, calendar, and what not. And today, we are going to talk about one of its very important product—Gmail. Do you know that now it’s easy to copy and paste email address in Gmail for Android? If not, read on to find.

Just like in the domain of search engine market, Google rules in the email service provider market too. Gmail, the mail service owned by Google is the most popularly used email service. From personal emailing to business purposes, Gmail is used by many for various purposes. In the last year, it was found according to certain stats that over 1.8 billion people used Gmail for sending and receiving emails.

Gmail for Android

In fact, many companies use it for various purposes like marketing, reporting, coordination, and so on. There are a number of things that are included in Google’s emailing service (Gmail):

#send and receive emails

#exchange media files (images, videos, audio, documents, etc)

#block spam

#address book creation

#create Gmail groups

#connect Gmail with Google Drive

…and so on.

So, if you are an active Gmail user, you need to know its recent feature update.

New Feature Update on Gmail For Android

Google keeps updating its products and services in order to provide better experience to its users. This explains why Google is leading in the field of technology. Google products keep getting better. And it is also worth noticing how Google is so concerned about improving the experience of its mobile users. This attitude of the company is not just limited to its search engine. The same value is also reflected in the way how Google keeps trying to make its applications and services mobile friendly.

With the changing time and increasing use of mobile phones for activities on the internet, software companies are striving to make their products more and more mobile phone friendly. And Google has yet been just leading in the race.

Most of the people access their Gmail accounts via mobile phones. Hence, Google also makes it a point to keep Gmail as mobile friendly as possible. Walking the same direction, Google has rolled out a new feature update in Gmail.

The possibility of you not having a Gmail account on your smartphone is next to 0%. Therefore, a mobile friendly experience while emailing is important. Gmail has already worked quite well with mobile phones. However, the app just keeps getting better.

Copy and Paste Email Addresses in Gmail for Android with ease!

Thanks to the new feature update in Gmail, now the users can copy and paste email addresses in Gmail for android with ease. So, how does that work?

1. Open any received email on your Gmail app

2. Click on the ‘compose’ icon represented by a “+” (plus) sign

This will take you to the window where you can compose a new email.

3. Enter the desired email address in the To field. You can also add it in either CC or BSS fields.

4. Once you have typed the email address, click on it.

Then, you will see a dropdown-type menu with two options: Copy & Remove.

5. When you click on the Copy option, the selected email address will be copied to your clip board.

And then you can paste it where-ever you desire.

Moreover, you will find upon clicking the email address that along with the Copy option, you will also find Remove option just right below it. Upon clicking on this option, the entered email address will be clear. So, your To/Cc/Bcc field(s) will be cleared.

How does this make Gmail more mobile friendly?

When you use Gmail on the desktop system, you can easily select the text written in the To/Cc/Bcc and copy it. Then you can paste it where-ever you like.

However, doing so on mobile phones can get a bit tricky. Selecting a text with ‘tap and drag’ can be a bit difficult. Hence, with this new feature update, you can have a more mobile-friendly experience on Gmail.


Now most people use Gmail with mobile phones. People seldom use desktops for personal emailing nowadays. In fact, be it even for business purpose, people still prefer to use mobile phones for emailing. Therefore, Google is trying to make our emailing experience more mobile friendly. Hence, it has introduced a new feature update which allows you to easily copy and paste email addresses in Gmail for Android.

So, have you noticed the feature update yet? What do you think about it? We’d love to hear in the comments below.