People who operate Twitter account know very well that their profile picture and Tweets are public by default. And their Tweets can be seen by up to 271 million active users. This can be little enormous if you’re a private user. If you want to use Twitter to chat with your family, friends, peers, or as a micro-blog then Twitter is not for you.

Security or privacy is the major concern on social media. Data and information can be stolen or misused by people. However, Twitter is also affected by this problem, but now you no need to worry guys. If you operate Twitter account or thinking of creating one then Twitter provides you feature of turning off your Retweet button so that you can save your Tweets from getting misused by someone.

Save your Tweets from getting unwanted retweet

  • Yes guys, Tweeter provides you this amazing feature to stop getting retweet on your tweets. So once you turn off this button then no one can retweet your tweets without your permission. Let’s read what happens when you protect your tweets:
  • When you make your Twitter account private, only current followers present in your list will be able to see your tweets and can retweet it.
  • Account with protected Tweets requires each user request to follow. You can manually approve and choose who is able to see your Tweets.
  • As the retweet function is disabled on Tweets you post, so Tweets you post remains entirely within your account. Your followers will no longer share your content, they can only favorite it. However, you can still retweet others tweet.
  • Your protected Tweets don’t appear in search engine Google. Only you can search them and your followers.
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Let me also introduce you with the Upcoming features of Twitter

– DM Search

Twitter has confirmed that it’s working on a Direct Message (DM) search feature. After implementing this feature, you’ll be able to search for your DMs by typing in the name of the person in the search box. This feature will improve the accessibility.

– Support for Live Photos

Twitter is looking to add Live Photos feature captured via iPhone. The Live photos will be displayed as GIFs so that liveliness of the image doesn’t get lost when you take a look at it in future. Live photos can record what happened 1.5 seconds before and after you take a picture.

– Topic Lists

Twitter is providing you feature to stay up to date or follow latest or trendy topics just like you follow people. By doing so, you will be able to get topics or tweets which you’re interested in even if you’re not following the person who tweeted it. However, now only topics related to sports are supported.

– Tweet reply notification

Twitter is working on providing its users a new feature which is “tweet reply notification”. It will allow you to turn on notification for specific tweets that attract you so you don’t miss out any of the updates. It also let you choose to get notification just for the top replies or for all replies to the tweets.

So, it sumps up our list of upcoming features of Twitter that you will see soon in your Twitter app. Also guys, you must keep your Twitter account safe and secure from people who steal your information and misuse it under your name. You can turn off your retweet button so that you don’t get unnecessary tweets from unwanted people. Your safety is in your hand we can only give you advice to do things which keep your social media presence protected.

We will be back with another updates. Till then get in touch with us and keep reading.