Apple Company never steps aside for making their product launch to reach access everywhere. You saw many such changes and new service offer by Google but I must say look at Apple too who is looking to create more interest in you related to Apple gadgets. Apple is considered to be as one of the companies that never fail on their users expectations so I guess here reading this blog most of you are iPhone lovers. Can you compare the iPhone with Apple watch? Obviously not, Apple Watches and iPhone is a different thing so that’s why today let me introduce to you one of the watch introduced by Apple company and that is Apple Watch5.

iPhone lovers should know about Apple watches too.

Apple launched the Apple Watch5 on September 20. Earlier in an event announcement of this watch has been done that was held at Steve Jobs theater at its headquarter. Okay I know most of you are waiting to know some exceptional features regarding this watch.

I know whenever the company launches any gadget; there will be some special kind of features and a new update that you are looking for. For the Apple watch lover who are interested to know about Apple Watch 5 will experience sleeping track feature. Here company Apple also highlights that they have not implemented any special hardware in Apple watch for such a feature.

About the Sleeping feature for Apple watch5

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Apple termed the feature to be called as Burrito and Time in Bed Tracking as I am sure most of you like it to operate. Here the feature used a host of sensor and also user’s input like your heart rate, movement and noise. This can measure your quality of sleep all night. You can operate this feature in your Apple watch via Apple Health app and new sleepy app.

This is about the sleeping feature that is going on so have you heard about the new update of alarm. Earlier, Apple watches first turn off the alarm if users wake up before the alarm goes off. Now you will see that you can set your alarm on iPhone and that will play in your Apple Watch too. You can consider this as a backup option. You can also check the option of silent alarm. 

Battery problem of Apple watch is now going to solve

We get to know from Apple watch lover that battery is always creating problem regarding watches. The fact is Apple lose most of their audience because of battery problem. Now Apple has done something for you as it advertises smartwatches now where you just need to charge at night and it will never stop. You need to charge it full at once for whole day. So, in-short Apple Company wants its users to charge it before they go to sleep.

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Final Words

Apple watch 5 is already released and you can experience it. It is still in talk just because of its exceptional features and look. First time you can see the in built compass in Apple watch. If you are a Apple lover then you must have to use this watch to experience some some features.

Right now it introduces this feature and changes which we mentioned above so later on I guess more yet to come. We will update you folks if we get any news regarding any upcoming Apple watch series or any other product. Till then get in touch with us for more updates.