ood news for people who were using Microsoft email service Outlook.Com and Outlook for the Web mail services. Now you no more need to work on web browser to access to Outlook services rather you can have your own downloaded app in your desktop. Sounds puzzling? Let me clear it in simple words, guys now you can download Outlook app in your desktop to access your email services easily. It simply means Microsoft is now turning its Outlook.com and Outlook for Web mail services into Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Isn’t it interesting?

Now the Outlook users can easily install the web app into Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, and other platforms that natively support PWAs. It’s a useful alternative tool for Outlook Windows desktop app or the Windows Mail Client that ships as part of Windows 10.

People who aren’t of the heck I’m talking about then let me give you a brief review of Outlook app. Just continue reading the article you will get to know a lot about this new app. let’s get started now.

What Outlook app is all about?

Microsoft Outlook app is just like Gmail or Yahoo mail. It is an email service provider primarily used for office work. Earlier, it was just a website where people used to get access to it, but now Microsoft has turned it into an app. it is a very useful application which can be used to send/receive emails, managing contacts, address books, sharing of information in groups, creating tasks and events etc. it also provides you various security advantages.

Now you can download outlook app in your computer…
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Now Outlook can be used on Computer too. This tool supports most of the office related requirements so now organizations can download this app to make their work much easier.

Let’s have a look at the features of Outlook app below

Microsoft Outlook is an advanced email application having amazing feature. Here they are:

  • The new Outlook app is fully functional as you can create, edit and remove items etc.
  • A tray icon (shows the current day of the month) is provided to configure more advanced features of options in the app.
  • It has full HiDPI &Multi Monitor Support which allows you to place instances across your entire screen.
  • It has ability to switch between any outlook view, including calendar, inbox, contacts, tasks, and note views.
  • The calendar feature can be pinned to your desktop so that no windows can get stuck behind it.
  • Offers you to customize the position of inbuilt features such as calendar.

What are the benefits of using Microsoft Outlook app?

There are many benefits that companies can get by using Outlook app. Some of them are given below-

  • Outlook makes it easy to organize your assets.
  • It offers you integrated calendar, task, etc.
  • Provides you better security to protect your account.
  • Outlook expands workflow.
  • You can have access to email offline. It can also work without having internet connection.
  • Outlook can integrate with many devices and applications.
  • Outlook’s User Interface is familiar and easy to use.

How you can download Microsoft Outlook App on your desktop?

Following points will guide you to download Outlook app on your desktop. Just follow them below-

  • To download the app you first need to visit Microsoft website to get license and sign in.
  • Now sign in with the Microsoft account associated with office 2019 version.
  • From the office home page – select install outlook.
  • You can choose either 32-bit or 64-bit version and sign in to your Microsoft account. Now select the language and click on install button.
  • Once the download is complete, select ‘Run’ if using internet explorer or Edge or click Setup if using Google Chrome.
  • Click Yes if UAC prompt pops up
  • After the download gets completed you can launch it agreeing to terms and conditions.
  • Finally, you have successfully installed outlook app on your desktop.


Microsoft Outlook app is more advanced email tool than any other email apps like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Now you are aware that Outlook is mostly used by companies and organizations to get their work done easily in an effective way. So if you are still using Outlook.com services then you should download Outlook app as soon as possible and get the real-time experience and advantage of the app. This app will help you in office work by managing all your data at a single place.

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