In an annual event Google for India announced a new job platform for entry level candidates which is easy to find and apply. I know you are thinking about how Google pay will help to find the job? I can understand the payment application is just to help you for an online transaction but now payment application can be an easy source for finding job too. Here I am talking about the well-known application “Google Pay”. I must say you should attend the event like “Google for India” which happened last week in New Delhi and there we got to know about this feature. In this article I am going to share the detail related to job search in Google Pay.  

find the right job with Google pay
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Online transaction to providing job opportunity, see what Google Pay is offering you.

Google added this additional feature to help their users who are in search of jobs near to them. With the help of this tool not only you can find job but also you can apply easily, schedule your interview and can communicate with the potential employer too. Google will also put its effort and will recommend you the right job which suites your profile.

I saw many of you don’t know the actual way to present the CV for your job profile so Google Pay is offering you free CV builder tool. This tool will design your profile according to your education and your interest. Your CV will design in such a way that you expected from the tool.

Here you are able to find the right job for yourself so thanks to Google for offering such feature and I guess now everyone will start downloading the Google Pay app for this purpose. Let me share some more details regarding this process, so pay attention folks.

How Google Pay job search feature will work?

Now, most of you want to know that how Google Pay do this? Google’s machine learning-based matching algorithm enables the user to find the best job option according to their requirement. The role of the Machine learning algorithm is just to scan your CV after that it will suggest you which job is good for you to do. The best part to know is it will recommend 10 jobs at a time where you can choose where to go. The best part of Google Pay here is to get personalized job recommendation which based on skills, interest and location too.

Job Search with Google
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Such jobs provide an opportunity for every job seeker to get ready for the presentation and even they suggest some interview-based video for you. Well, one more thing is important to know that according to a report we get to know that Google partnered with many companies to enable the job seekers to find the right jobs. They partnered with 24Seven, Healthkart, Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo and Fabhotels. In future the list will definitely increase. 

Statement of Bicky Russell related to this Job search tool. 

Bicky Russell, Project Lead of Jobs/Kormo said that “We start recommending jobs to them. This is as opposed to them having to search for jobs. There’s actually no queries involved, which is quite strange for Google. We recommend job to them.” He also said in an interview “When you onboard into the Jobs spot, we get your profile, you have to accept that we can access your profile, which gives us your name and your location, and more things like that. Then we ask two basic questions. First is what is your goal? So the option range from ‘My goal is to look for a job’ or ‘My goal is to learn more’ or actually, there’s also a third option, which is ‘I am just hanging out. I am browsing’. Hopefully not many people click on that.” 


Never expected Google may reach to its users not only by paying method but also by the job searching tool which is recently launched and that. Google in its fifth edition of the event last week presents many such features and this Google pay feature is one those which I guess, ready to achieve remarkable success in coming days. Users are very interested to use this feature. It is already available for New Delhi area and within few weeks it will reach in other locations too.

We will update you folks if Google present any other details regarding ‘Google Pay’ or something related to this tool. Till then keep reading and use this feature. Get in touch with us for more updates.