Reinstating TikTok app is right decision or not?

You can say that miracle happened for those user lives that are die-hard fans of mobile applications that don’t want their app should be banned. Would believe in this fact that an application who is facing funny trolls and being removed by the government and now return for every user? It is true as here we are highlighting one of the famous app that is TikTok which was banned by the government but now it is free for you all and you can use this application again.

 Let’s discuss in a brief as here we want to tell you that this application was banned. The reason behind this is government thought that the app shows sexually explicit materials which can bad for the user who makes a video or who watch that. This application is similar to one of the mobile app which has taken the lives of many users like “Blue Whale”. So, in-short according to the government the application like TikTok is going to ruin the students or every adult of the future.

The Mobile application TikTok is one of the apps where you can say that it is just to show your creativity and talent. The app is famous from the past few months and users are so addicted that they made a video every day. The procedure of this application is you have to make a video of 15 seconds and here it shows you the feature to sing a song or to repeat the dialogue of every film. The video you make not only seen by the user who used this app but those users also can watch who are not using the TikTok app if you shared on social media sites.

Our favorite application TikTok is back
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This is the reason why they got 500 million users so our first question is for you all that it’s true to compare this application with a blue whale or do you think that this application shows sexually explicit material? If you don’t know then let me tell you that our country’s  Minister of Electronics and Information Technology said last week to apple and Google play store to remove the app for those users who are looking to download. Well, comparing the application with a game like Blue Whale is not a solution as first you have to remove the applications which are similar to the Blue Whale who is taking the life of every user.

Now if we talk about the pornographic then it is the main issue as here the government plays good role to remove all such material so that it doesn’t spoil users who use the application whether he/she is 15 years old or 20 years old. A Chinese social media platform has suffered a huge loss last week when the application was banned from play store as the court said that it was losing up to $500,000 per day in India.

You can’t say that TikTok is facing the legal trouble in India only  here we want to show you about the US that they have to pay $6 million as a fine because they were illegally collecting personal information of every user who is under the age of 13.

At the end, we just want to say that the government has made a good decision to not to show such sexually explicit content on the app which can spoil the user and from now you can use your favorite app where you will not find such things. It is good news for each and every user who are bored in their homes from the last week and looking for such an application where they can show their creativity.

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