For companies that run PPC (pay per click, like Google Ads or Bing Ads) on the scale (over ~ $ 15,000 per month), full-time PPC managers can pay for themselves quickly. Many managers also work with institutions PPC PPC as their spending continues to scale and PPC Manager to work on a strategy, but it has a PPC Manager in a leading Digital Marketing Company in Stafford PPC strategies can be useful.

So how do you hire a PPC manager if you have decided that it is the right way forward?

For starters, you need a PPC Manager admirable job descriptions to attract the right candidates.

Just below here is a PPC manager job description you can copy and use to recruit you, but do not miss the comments below also because it helps to understand why behind any description.

PPC manager job description
COMPANY looking for new full-time PPC Manager to manage our paid ad spend across multiple platforms to drive business results.

We are leaders in the BUSINESS VERTICAL space and seek to grow our mindshare and wallet share with potential customers searching for what we offer online. We also loved by our customers and are ready to get more onboard to make a greater impact.

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About you:

You’re a PPC veteran with deep experience in various platforms such as Google Ads and Advertising Bing. Others in the PPC industry considers you an expert and you have the results to go along with it.

You are a marketer of strategic, not just tactical, who know how PPC drive the business forward and constantly pushes to understand more about your customers and business results more from your PPC campaigns and initiatives. At the same time you are driven by the data that you see and the make decisions based on that.

You constantly hold yourself to a high standard and keeping up with the pace of change in PPC.

Ideal candidates for this role have 3-5 years experience managing PPC spending on brands such as ours. You also work well with other people, who voted “most likely to succeed” by your peers in high school, and believe in constantly learning more and getting better results.

What if you need a full time PPC manager
A statement we hear quite often in the Credo is “We are not sure whether or not we should hire a PPC Manager in-house or hire an agent to run our PPC campaign for us.”

As with many things in this world and digital marketing, it depends on your business and what stage you are at.

You have to hire a PPC company if one of the following is true:

You need to start with PPC and are willing to commit the budget (at least $ 2,000 per month) for advertising and pay the company to set up and manage campaigns;
You’ve advertised and want someone to come to audit the campaign and then grow them because they are profitable and sensible;
Your spending under ~ $ 15,000 per month and you do not see it grow substantially;
You do not have the number of full-time employees to hire new people, but have a budget available to spend on advertising and PPC companies;
spend your PPC is currently being managed by a more general manager of digital marketing (big role to have in a company) who have many responsibilities and not enough time to manage PPC side.
As for hiring a PPC manager full time, taking the opposite of the above and ask yourself if you have a full-time person to whom you are also responsible for their equipment, PTO, HR management, benefits, and more feasible.

Often, a company large PPC can be managed well by a marketing manager for digital or manager of PPC is more focused on strategy and buy-in across the company (and possibly even project manage landing pages and developers and designers as part of their job ) which only requires a few boots on the ground.

What to look for
A PPC managers can drive extraordinary Digital Marketing Company Stafford results for your company, or they could be wasting your money. Of course, you want to do that first and not the second.

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