These day advance technology is creating awareness in every business. We all know that without the introduction of smart technologies we cannot operate our business and life is much more complex one for us. You can include the internet too as it is one of the technology which has reached to everyone whether people living in a rural areas or urban area.

5G network ready to rule everywhere.

The technology is like the internet has reached everywhere. You can’t imagine how good it is that people are living their best life with advanced and latest technologies. But everything has some pros and cons. We are taking advantages from latest technology but it has their disadvantages too. So, today I have written this article to introduce you about the 5G network. Not only introduction I will tell you about its pros and cons too. We people have used 2G, 3G networks and most of you are also aware about 4G. Now 5G is ready to give you some new amazing experiences.

Pros and cons of 5G network
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We are sure that 5th generation will offer you outstanding features. This can be used by anyone living in this universe from businessman to a common man. One more point I want to discuss with you that some technology fails too due t their disadvantages. Here if you operate the 5G network then you can face its cons too. So right now let me help you to get aware of some pros and cons of 5G network.

What are the pros of 5G?

5G is now ready to personalize the treatment for patients.

Well, I think the advantages can be many because we are talking about the upcoming technology that is ready to change the whole world but let’s start the point with patients and doctor relation. With the help of better and reliable devices patients can   take the advantages of doctor’s assistance when they need. We all know that 2G and 3G network will not work to connect you to the person who lives in other countries. Here we want all of you to adopt the technology of 5G first. It is beneficial for every patient. With the use of a 5G network, medical treatment becomes easier for the doctors.

Students can take benefit of 5G network.

Above what we have explained will give you more interest to know about the 5G network. So, let’s understand how 5G is beneficial for education. We all know that most of the students still use the internet 3G or 4G. Is it good to hear that the 5G network can be helpful for the education purpose? Yes, it is because with the use of 5G network you can study easily. Can attend online classes; educate yourself and no matter where you are. By this way the education sector in coming days will be stronger.

To stop crime 5G is boon for government

Now the next advantage is for the government. They can operate 5G network for their use. As I told you that 5G is the fifth generation cellular network technology. Investigating department can use 5G to track the location, can stop cybercrime, can track the activity of terrorist etc. My suggestion is to operate the 5G network first instead of looking at some other technology to stop crime. 5G network will help you to monitor from anywhere. This can be happened only by operating the network 5G and that way you can say you reduce the crime rate.

What are the cons of 5G?

As I told you above everything has their it’s pros and cons. Similarly 5G network also has its Cons. We all should know about cons to use it more efficiently.

Risks of data hacking will increase.

Now we are going to experience faster speed of internet in our cellphones, which clearly means that more data with less latency. This will clearly create the risks of data hack.

Dealing with 5G may cost you more.

I am sure operating 5G network in our country is going to be too costly for us. I know it is gonna be the best network and can be helpful but what about the cost? One more is here that is you need to replace your old devices as it is not compatible with 5G network. You have to pay too much money because to develop many infrastructures. 5G network is gonna be costlier as compared to other mobile technology networks.

5G towers can cause diseases like cancer.

Now the next is about the health issue. As we all know that if the mobile phone tower near to us then it can create too many issues related to health. If you don’t know then let me tell you people who are living near to the smartphone towers can suffer from various cancer causation like brain cancer or salivary cancer. Definitely, it will increase the cancer rate. Its radio frequency radiation can damage DNA, can cause premature ageing, disturb the metabolism and also can increase the stress level. Not only humans, birds and animals will also get affected.

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