Usage of a mobile application is increasing day by day and that is the reason people turning themselves and focuses more on the digital system. They all know that working towards digital platform will provide more ease. Let me tell you that making a mobile app is a big deal because there are several things which you have to keep in mind and as a developer; your focus should be to present cool apps.

Xamarin platform is worth to use or still you need a better one?

Every app developer knows at what platform or which app they need to show. They wanted to gain popularity of the app. If they are using right coding process and did the fabulous job then they are on a right track. So I just want to ask one question from you all that at what framework or platform you are using to develop the mobile application? Yes, there are many but most of the developers choose the Xamarin platform which is the best to show correct smart apps. We will explain to you what is Xamarin?

What is Xamarin?

Pros and Cons of Xamarin
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It is called to be the cross-platform application development tool. This always uses the CLI and CLS and also with the C# codebase. When developers start using this platform then it allows everyone to write Native Android and IOS apps. The Xamarin is always considered to be the different one if you compare with other platform. The reason behind this, it provides single language C# as when you develop the app here you feel the mobile app is like the native one. One of the best facility here you gonna watch is it compiles the code for the native platform. So, this is all about the Xamarin platform. I think this is not enough for you to understand. So, we will share some advantages of Xamarin and even some disadvantages too. After that you can take correct decision.

Some Pros of Xamarin

  1. Okay so the first advantage is about its fast development. It is the important one as Xamarin use only one tech single language that is C#. Here the Xamarin always use the C# and also with share-based code. By this way it covers 90% platform with particular language and also data structure and API.
  2. The next is about the maintenance for using the Xamarin platform. You need less maintenance to build any mobile application and to update it. All you have to do is just made the changes to the sources file that’s it because it can be applied directly and you don’t need to update the sources code of the app.
  3. Is it good to see the platform to develop the application? It can be done and ready to develop the entire app here. This can be easily done if you operate the Xamarin platform. If you are the developer then you can build the application for mobile and desktop too with the help of this. The Xamarin can handle Windows, IOS, Android or any platform.

Some Cons of Xamarin

  1. You all read out the advantages but read some cons too. After that you will get to know Xamarin is best to choose or not. First of all, let me tell you that for the enterprise it can be costly if they are looking to develop an application. For this, the enterprise needs to purchase a license for the Microsoft Visual Studio. It can cost you $499 for single-user license. For the annual subscription to Visual Studio Enterprise, you have to pay $2,999.
  2. The next for the developer is that it can be a complex issue for them to use open-source libraries. As we have studied about the Xamarin that it can support .Net libraries but it is difficult for them to support all available third-party libraries. It can’t support all this for Android and IOS without specific wrappers.
  3. The last one is an important to understand for the app developers. It can be your bad choice if you want to build games app in Xamarin. It is not a good option for building games and rich UI as it always asks to share the logic only with UI codes. 

So now I mentioned all the advantages and disadvantages of Xamarin. After reading the blog you can understand well that you have to use Xamarin or not. Where it is best and where it has no use? Keep reading the blog and get in touch with us for more interesting articles.