Recently the feature of QR code has been added in ‘Himmat Plus app’ to enhance the safety feature for the women and girls. This has been announced in an event in capital. In this occasion LT. Governor Anil Baijal, Delhi Commissioner of Police Amulya Patnaik, MD of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Mangu Singh, students from colleges and many rickshaw and auto drivers were also invited. Rate of crime in capital is increasing rapidly. This is the major step taken by Delhi police towards the safety of women and girls who travel with auto rickshaw and taxi late night. Approximately

3000 QR code has been distributed among these drivers to register them. This is the important and appreciable step taken by Delhi police.

How QR code will work in ‘Himmat Plus app’?

There are some users who travel far away from house every day so those need such application. It is a safe application and very useful for everybody. The newly added QR Code feature is compulsory to know. Here I am not only mentioning woman but also every citizen of the national capital. Congratulations to Delhi LT Governor Anil Baijal for stepping forward in this matter. This gives the relief to every person specially woman of India. Let me explain the whole concept related to this news. Now you are thinking how this code will work?

Steps to use QR Code feature

  • Simply you can use it by scanning the card which you can see near the driver. When you scan the QR code from card, detail with location and unique ID of driver will receive on Himmat App dashboard on police HQ.
  • Suppose driver is not registered then what will you do? Either you discontinue the traveling by those vehicles or otherwise just tap on SOS option in Himmat app. You have the option to call the police at that time
  • After scanning the QR code you will receive the message in every 5 min that ‘Are you reaching safely’ with three options as your answer like

1. On the way

2. Reached safely

3. I am in trouble.

After getting your reply police will act accordingly.

  • With this app you have to register your emergency contact no also. In case you are in trouble police will send the message on this number.

You can take advantage of this app in two languages, in Hindi and in English according to your ease.

Purpose of this QR Code scheme.

As I told you before crime in capital is increasing rapidly. Due to this women feel unsafe when they travel. Here I will mention specially women because this is so unfortunate that they are not safe in our capital. Police introduces a solution for all of you who live in Delhi. The feature they are introducing in Himmat plus safety app called QR Code scheme which is best for your security and safety wherever you go. The scheme is basically for the woman who travels in yellow and black taxis, in auto-rickshaw and in e-rickshaw also.

QR Code added on ‘Himmat plus App’ to enhance its safety feature
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The purpose of this application is just to provide rapid emergency help when any Delhi citizen needed. Railways Deputy Commissioner of Police Dinesh Kumar Gupta said “The citizen can avail this service just by downloading and registering on the app at no cost. Once users complete the registration, they can avail emergency help with just a click.”


At the end just want to say that after introducing this feature, women will feel safe when traveling anywhere in the town. Safety comes first and keeping security in mind, the Delhi police did it. Read out the whole process of this app how to use and share this information as much as you can with your friends and relatives.

I want every woman or every teenager should get aware about this application and QR Code scheme. Now no need to worry your safety is in your hand. At last I must say the step taken by Delhi police is really appreciable. Get aware of this and take advantage of this amazing app. We will be back with another interesting article till then keep reading, keep sharing and get in touch with us.