Search Engine Submission, back in the earlier days of Google, Bing, Yahoo and big dogs search, submit your site to Digital Marketing Company in Newcastle search engines it’s just how it is done. But, as we all know, the world wide web has come on leaps and bounds over the years, and what ever is things do not always needed now. So, should we still have to send our site, or as obsolete as cable telephone and a fax machine? Let us examine the facts.

What is Search Engine Submission?
To start with the basics, search engine submission is a fairly simple process – it involves sending the URL of the web page to a search engine, like Google, so that they can index for their results. Some machines will only ask for the main URL of a website, crawled the rest of the site, while others will require the URL of each individual page to be submitted. So why do it?

Benefits of Search Engine Submission
Traditionally, when the internet was young and new, search engine submission came with some benefits. First of all, it is a powerful way to make sure your website is included in the results and explored by machine – a necessary step sufficient to run a successful site! In this way, it could also help you get more traffic and better search rankings, increase SEO.

Is Still Necessary?
In answer to the most basic, no – search engine submission is not necessary anymore. With most (if not all) search engines automatically include the website by following the link to crawl and index new pages, really do not need to manually send you. In fact, the main thing to focus on outreach links and create backlinks to your web pages – that’s really going to get Google’s attention! Once you’ve got the link, the search engine will do the rest.

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At the same time, it does not hurt to submit your site. It’s free to do, did not take long, and, if you want to keep the tradition, it is the old-fashioned way of doing things. In our opinion though, it was pretty much a total waste of time. With so many other marketing methods that really can benefit your business, why go to the trouble of sending sites do not need?

So, instead, we recommend putting your efforts elsewhere. If the SEO you are looking to improve, those links we talked about earlier is better to use a lot of time, as to optimize your content and create a responsive website. Internet has moved, so that your business should too.

If you want to give your website the best start on your way to success, our team at Digital Ram can help you out. When it comes to digital marketing, we know our stuff! We will not Digital Marketing Agencies Newcastle waste your time with practice obsolete or useless either – we’re all about getting results, so we stick to what we know works. Interested? Related!

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