In this way, you can put your team to work on SEO factors that really matter!


Selling a single product lines per store ;

Use Keywords in the primary domain;

Organize your  store URL structure;

Use  collection to optimize the structure of your content

Set up Google Analytics;

Set up Google Webmaster Tools;

Optimize the structure Digital Marketing Agencies Stafford of the text with headings and subheadings;

Optimize your eShop for SEO semantics;

Do keyword research;

Optimizing your pages for organic;

Exploiting old content to optimize your product pages;

Maximizing the page load speed;

optimize images for search engines.


According to the 2019 survey DigitalCommerce360 (formerly Internet Retailer), there are about 12M to 24M e-commerce sites in the world. And everyone competing for the same real estate in the search results.

Google is working to match the relevance of each web page with user intent. In this way, Google skims and choose to place the search results on the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

The first step to help Google’s job is to explain what your store is all about.

What are you selling?

As a Digital marketing manager for Lounge Lizard, I have seen many entrepreneurs use the same store to sell different products from a completely different category.

You will have a hard time to index your store if you are selling clothing, accessories and jewelry all together. Google is not able to understand what your website is all about.

An e-commerce store is a bad example selling everything under the same domain: home furniture for beauty products.

bad site e-commerce examples

JCPenney is a bad example of e-commerce sites.

A good example  stores are also using the right keywords in the domain is Dylan’s Candy Bar.

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 store a good example

Dylan’s Candy Bar is a  store developed by digital agency Lounge Lizard.

It’s clear to Google and users who Dylan sells candy.

There are many different types of candy that Dylan had been placed in the appropriate sub-category. But even if Dylan sell different products, at the end of the day, they all the candy!

Nailing  SEO to the candy store

Are you saying that, to nail  SEO, I have to focus on one product line?

Selling a single product lines per store e-commerce is the best way to improve your rankings in the search.

Think about it.

Your website will be packed with keywords related to the same product category. This is a good tactic to increase the relevance and Google eshop signal you are specialized in a particular sector.

Google loves very focused and specialized websites, because they are exactly the same as the user search intent.

Selling a single product lines per store  also help you grow brand equity. You will be recognized as an expert in the industry and the consumer will associate your brand for certain product categories. In other words, it will increase your market share.


According Moz and SEO experts like Brian Dean, a domain is one of the 200 factors that affect your rankings.

If you have published a  store on Digital Marketing Companies in Stafford a domain that does not contain relevant keywords, do not worry at all, because you can just buy another domain and link to your store.