No one ever says “You! The girl that talks in class and will be kicked out by far “

“You! The girl will be suspended”

“You! Girls are smart – but it Digital Marketing Agencies in Sheffield does not seem to be involved in a whole lot of this content”.

That is me. No one ever said “You know what? Maybe you should think about becoming an entrepreneur. “

And this is quite a surprise for me because if you do not take it, I’m from Wellington, New Zealand, and I went to school really progressive – it’s called the Wellington High School which is now more than one hundred and thirty years old. We called the teacher by their first name, it’s co-ed; boys and girls, we do not wear uniforms. In the senior years that it go if you want and do not go if you do not want – that does not suit everyone.

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We can study subjects such as journalism and horticulture were awesome, but still, the only path they’ve presented to us in 1994, which was the year I ended high school, is that you go through to Year 12, then go and get an education high and then you get a job. That’s all I ever knew.

Both of my parents are not running a business, one is a teacher at my school, so you can imagine how embarrassed he was in my behavior at times. No one ever presented this idea of ​​being an entrepreneur.

When I hear the word entrepreneur for many years, sometimes it has a negative connotation, right? Look at these words on the slide behind me. I mean who wants to become a conglomerate? A king? A dealer? How mogul, or a big shot, or big wigs? Or even whiz-kid.

So the use of the word “entrepreneur” actually dates back to the 1800s and it is a French word. And over the years it has grown in popularity. I feel like in the last few years if there is, entrepreneurs word has taken on a life of its own and may even be used – would not you agree? These days, I’m pretty sure when you grow up in New Zealand, Australia or elsewhere in the world that is possible, and I really hope this is true, you are notified of the opportunity to go on the road to build your own business – if it were wanted You did.

And I ask you all too, that even if you have taken the traditional route to learn and go and get a job. That any time you can choose to do a “side hustle” or even venture out and start a new business. Did you know that Colonel from Kentucky, who made the famous Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC, do not start business until he was in his 70s?!

So if you want to be an entrepreneur or you just want to have an entrepreneurial mindset a little more like entrepreneurship – what it means? For me it means a lot of different things. This means to think differently and all the time I was in high school getting into trouble, struggling with academic work, it’s because I think differently, and I just did not fit the mold. So, if you’re thinking of someone right now that sounds like it is, whether it’s your own child or niece or nephew or someone you have been taught, maybe, just maybe, they are an entrepreneur as well.

To tell you how I came to work out I am a businessman (and how it’s not a bad thing and in fact has brought me many fantastic opportunities in this life) let me tell you a little about my trip. As I said, I started living in Wellington New Zealand where I was born and raised until the age of 21. I made my first business when I was 17 years old when I decided to start a newspaper while in school. As I said, some subjects in school were not for me – I never touched a computer until I had to do a journalism course and must learn how to type my story. Then my father said “you have to start a newspaper and you should do Digital Marketing Agencies Sheffield exercise,” and I thought “That sounds good to me because I love the sport!”

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