It’s mandatory to have social media account for US visa.

Social media Account
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Social media don’t need any kind of introduction. It is generally used by every user in this universe. No matter whether you have a normal smartphone which cost you 5000 only or you purchase a highly featured smartphone of Rs 50000, every user operates their social media account in smartphone.

Now with the growing trend of social media platform you must have your account here to get the VISA of United States of America. Is it kind of awkward one for you? But folks that’s true. You must have your social media account to get the visa of US so that you can travel, otherwise say no to visit the US. Why this rule by US Govt came in light, we will discuss here in this article so pay attention here.

No Matter from which country you belongs, there is a new rule introduced by US department that you must submit your social media account information for getting VISA for US. So, what you have to do is share your username and the post you share on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter so that they can check entire details of your account.

The process was first discussed in the month of March this year by the government of Donald Trump but it is now applicable for every citizen. So if you are looking to travel US then have a look at your social media account. Feel free for the rest of the information because it is the same as the previous one.

Is it a big problem for people?

Many of you can share the information without any problems but I know there are few others who don’t believe in security. If someone wants their personal information then it may be a burden for them. Social media is such platforms where nothing can be hidden as it may tell about you to share everything like personal details, birthday, educational details, location and many more.

Many of them not like the idea of sharing this with the agencies of other state. We also want to highlight the statement of department of US where they speak out in press conference that “The National security for the US is their first priority and they will always be alert in any kind of situation”. They are working on mechanism which can improve their screening processes and will definitely improve the US citizens who are living there while supporting legitimate travel directly to the US.

Now we will share the statement of Hina Shamsi, she is the Director of American Civil Liberties Union’s National Security project. After hearing this plan she said that “if such types of information of social media they require then it may be another ineffective and big problem of Trump plan”. Right now, the DS-160 application process includes Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Tencent and many more.

We will update you if some more changes will be present by the US government regarding the VISA application.