Whenever someone talks about the social media app then only one app we remember and that is one and only Facebook. Ask from the 90s kid where they first made their social media account? Through which medium they started chatting with their friends and family? Facebook is the first and only application at that time which is still popular. After watching their kids, parents also started using Facebook on computer. At that time there is no such Instagram or SnapChat was ruling.

We remember the time when after reaching the home we usually got busy with uploading pictures or watching out other user’s status. Now you will see those things with Facebook and Facebook Messenger app too. It increases the popularity because it has feature for those who want to chat or wanted to do a video call. Well, we must say that Mark Zuckerberg is doing fabulous job by showing updates and new versions every month. This is also very important to keep the craze alive towards Facebook or its messenger app.

Some Pros and Cons of Facebook messenger
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It is important because we all want changes. We feel bored to use the same process every time. But still some of the users are happy to use Facebook and Facebook Messenger and some of them are totally fed up. So, today we are here with this article to make you aware of some pros and cons of Facebook Messenger. After that you will get to know why people still loving it and why some hating.

Why do people like it? Some pros of Facebook Messenger.

  • Okay so first we will explain to you about the Facebook Messenger’s pros. Our first concept is about the voice calls and video calls. You all know that Skype introduces the feature of using the video call first. Now with the time changes many mobile applications provide such kind of features. Even now those who are operating Facebook Messenger, able to do video and voice call to any of their friend. No matter how far your friend lives, you are allowed to make calls. It will not take single penny from you.
  • The next we will share with you is about the cost. You all use SMS to send text messages to anyone. Normal text messages facility will charge you but how amazing Facebook is as it is free. Facebook Messenger will not take anything from you. You don’t have to spend single penny because the cost of sending or talking to your friends on Facebook Messenger is zero.
  • The last pros of Facebook Messenger is about the collaboration. As we all know if someone wants to send any file for the office purpose then they are allowed to do so. It will just take two seconds to send it to someone whom you want. Make sure you have a good internet connection. Also, you can receive any file from other users easily. You can download it to watch out later on your smartphone.

Why people don’t like? Some cons of Facebook Messenger.

  • Here, first of all, let me tell you that when you operate the Facebook application then make sure you have Facebook Messenger too. What is the reason behind so? Let me tell you. In this case Facebook is totally useless. If you want to chat with your friends and family then you must have Facebook Messenger in your phone. Only on messenger you are allowed to talk. So it’s obvious that it may consume too much space. For using Facebook you have to install both. So it’s gonna be considered as the cons of Facebook Messenger.
  • Next, we gonna share with you is about the battery. It is too common because you are facing this issue. You all are operating two application at a time first is Facebook and the next is Facebook Messenger. We all know that getting the notification and then start chatting or video calls take too much battery. So, this will consider as one of the disadvantage of using the Facebook Messenger app.
  • Privacy is considered to be the big issue for those who are operating the Facebook Messenger. If you are not aware about this then let me share with you. In privacy policy of Facebook, you allows them to recording audio and calling on phone number without your intervention. It can be a serious issue for you. It can happen as they can record the audio without permission so yes you can say this is one of the cons of Facebook Messenger that you must know.


Every messaging app has its own pros and cons so don’t think only Facebook is handling such kind of tasks. All of your family members and old friends are on Facebook, so I am pretty sure that you are not going to switch to any other social media. It was the biggest ruling social media site and still it is. You considered Facebook app one of the biggest platform of social media so I think you must be aware of its pros and cons too.

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