A new robot is going to bring change in life

This era is full of new and some amazing technology as we all know the time has come where we can say miracle is going to happen and the reason behind this is about the work situation. We all know our work can be done shortly with no efforts only because of the latest technologies that are ready to boost the market.

But we want to share some interesting technology here for you as have you heard about the Sophia robot which is so popular now? Well, most of you are waiting to read about that so read this article to get aware of such a robot.

You can say it is a social robot as Sophia is created by former Disney Imagineer David Hanson and only motive to build a robot is to mimic social behavior and inspire a feeling of love and compassion in humans. Do you believe in this point that robot sat for TV interviews?

Sophia: everything about social humanoid robot
Image Credit: Google Image

It’s a true story as Sophia not only sat for TV interviews but also appeared on the cover of ELLE Magazine and also it was appointed the UN first non-human innovation champion. Sophia creator also announces the statement that a mix of tourism, tech or infrastructure and non-oil revenue is predicted to grow from $43.4 billion dollars to $266.6 billion annually.

With a research, we get to know about the Sophia robot that she will let you know if she is happy or she is angry.  She can act accordingly, action can be turned to happiness and vice-versa but it is being developed from the ground up. Her main motive is just to live a better life like human being so she is looking to build trust with humans.

Someone has taken interview of creator David Hanson where he simply tells about the robot creation that he wanted to make a machine which is greater than human intelligence, creativity and wisdom.

To make robot he added that it took a deep research to think about this situation where he researches about robotics, artificial intelligence, the arts, product design and deployment. According to him, Sophia will be perfect one to get fit in healthcare, customer service and education and the interesting fact is Sophia has nine other siblings. They are Alice, Albert Einstein hubo, Bina 48, Han, Jules, Professor Einstein, Philip K Dick Android, Zeno and the last one Joey Chaos.

Now let’s talk about an important feature so do you how Sophia is able to see? Camera within Sophia’s eye always combined with computer algorithms and in this way she is able to see and can follow faces and recognize individuals.

Some of the users said that the robot Sophia is just similar to the computer program ELIZA which is programmed to give pre-written responses to specific questions like Chatbots. So in the process of Sophia, the information shared on cloud network that enables the input and responses to analyzed simply with the help of Blockchain technology.