Being social is now more important now than ever. Millions of people worldwide are living at home, limit their social and physical contact. Never has anyone felt so “alone”.

Family and friends met through Digital Marketing Company Newcastle Zoom or Skype calls. Professionals spend hours every day to connect with colleagues and clients through various online media. For those who are less or not connect, there are increasing cases of depression and loneliness.

The presence of Spatial Concepts – the feeling of “being there” in the virtual space has brought great relief to many people. It offers a sense of satisfaction in a world torn apart by the pandemic.

Good for adults and teens around the world, hours spent on social media has seen a sharp increase in 2020. According to the Global Web IndexJuly 2020 saw a rise of 10.5% in the use of social media, compared with July 2019. Some 46% of women and 41% of men said they had spent more time on social media during a pandemic, so that the digital activity of the second most popular.

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Surfing the internet has moved from computers and laptops to smartphones and tablets long. From reading blogs to shopping for clothes, people are now connected to more business on their portable gadgets. You may not be able to invest in a dedicated mobile application now but you do not have to ignore the response factor of your website. In simple words, your site must conform with every gadget and provide the same experience for all customers. Or else, you will lose 25% of your net sales revenue because that is how many mobile shopping brings to business today.

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VR Role of Social and Facebook Horizon

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social virtual realityis now mainstream. Social VR has seen a sharp increase in the second quarter of 2020. Social VR applications such as bigscreen,

Rec Room, and AltSpace have all seen an increase in traffic. Towards the end of August 2020 Facebook announced the launch of a public beta version of the social experience of VR, Horizon, in which users can interact and engage with one another in a virtual environment.It room where you can invite your friends colleagues to get together to do -things you want. social applications and experiences such as Horizon provides the virtual place to gather, play and create as they might have in real life.

Now, social media is a space where we share their passion and experience for others to see. Social VR is about creating new memories digitally, creating a feeling of being in the same room together. For this brand means building a meaningful relationship with the audience being there creates or experienced together before actually buying a service or product. Social VR allows you to engage and experience and not just watch the screen on a flat 2D newsfeed.

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The New Horizon

In recent weeks there have been many a sneak peak of Horizon entire social media. Trailer released by Facebook shows Avatar gaming in Horizon, build their own world, and have fun with other avatars. Horizon beta access Facebook is currently an invitation, and many brands and people do not seem interested but things will change soon. Soon enough social VR will become more and more relevant in many ways. Are you involved in now or wait it out, it will be something that can not be ignored.

Marketing opportunities

Social also means new opportunities for advertising, marketing, personal branding and related elements and it could be worth involved now to stay ahead game.Facebook indicate this on Digital Marketing Companies in Newcastle the Horizon by installing a virtual avatar of their own staff who act as guides or hosts in the public space. Now instead of sending requests one could almost walk and talk with a Facebook employee.