Bing recently announced it will begin to show the product data from Merchant Center tab Digital Marketing Companies Stafford Shopping for free. Originally in the United States, the United Kingdom and other markets to follow, follow Google’s move earlier this year.

Microsoft announced on August 17 it will open a shopping tab on Bing search engine to show a list of free products, using data from a Microsoft Merchant Center (in the Microsoft Advertising platform).

“With the recent rapid changes in retail spending from in-store to online, Microsoft Advertising is looking for ways to help our retail partners take advantage of this change. In addition to the list of sponsors in Bing Shopping Tab, we are excited to announce the availability of the Product List for free, which allows you to show your product offerings for free on Bing Shopping Tab began in the United States and immediately rolled into other markets – the UK, Canada, Australia, France , and Germany. A wider choice of products allows you to engage more online shoppers and provide users with more options to find what they are looking for. List of products currently offered to those who have a Microsoft shop Merchant Center approved offers, and will increase over the next month. “

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I just want to summarize this for people who want to understand more. This list will retrieve the product from the merchant centers and featuring free / organic listings at the shopping tab on Bing. Shopping results on the main search results page will still be advertising / paid listing on a shopping campaign. Also, pay shopping results will still appear above / below the list of organic products in the shopping tab.

(Image from Microsoft Blog)

As I detailed in my previous blog about the update to Google Shopping, it’s also key here to ensure the product feed as complete as possible, if as many retailers you import Bing your feed directly from Google Merchant Center, there shouldn ‘t be a problem more with this. Microsoft is dedicated feed to Merchant Center, we recommend that you review the feed requirements.


My recommendation is that you review your product feed current and diagnostic information at the merchant center to look at ways of improving the feed of data to maximize the performance of your organic here, this will also benefit paid campaigns. I also Digital Marketing Agencies in Stafford recommend the retailers that do not currently advertise on Bing, Microsoft’s advertising and account setup Merchant Center account sooner rather than later as this unlocks the potential free some impressions / clicks for your products.

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