Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably have an account Tik Tok and deliberately spend hours Digital Marketing Agencies in Newcastle hooked on apps, watch people dancing or prank their parents – it sounds like a waste of time when you say it out loud, but I sympathize.

This app has taken off and is now available in 39 languages ​​in more than 150 markets worldwide. Not only that, but it has 800 million active users worldwide.

The numbers are positive, but as social media platforms, there is no point advertising on it unless it fits your business objectives and plays a major role in the daily activities of your audience.

But first, what ticktock?

What ticktock?

Ticktock originated in China and was previously known as musical.ly. It is a social media platform that allows you to create a short music video style and share with friends, family, and the world!

Despite only being 15-second video, the only limitation is your imagination and creativity. Therefore, a small niche has been broken in the application, catering to a different demographic.

Exploring the demographics of the platform further, it is clear to see that it is very diverse. In late 2019, the 18-24 age range to dominate applications in the UK (26%) with the 25-34 and 35-44 age brackets following close behind.

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Move further into 2020, ticktock has more than 3.7 million active users in the UK and those aged 18-24 still has the largest share of the application.

How You Can Advertise in ticktock?

Ticktock offers 4 types of ads that are positioned at different locations around the platform:

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1) Brand Takeover

Takeover brand advertising can appear as still images, gif, or video, which can be attributed to a specific website or landing page of a brand. They will appear in the user feed when they are scrolling through the content. However, Brand Takeover exclusive to their categories and, therefore, only be shown once per day.

2) The original ad Video

An original video advertising is 9 -15 seconds, appearing on ‘To your page. This is a skippable ad and did not leave much time to make an impression, however, they are full-screen that allows them to produce a high impact.

3) Hashtag Challenge

This form of advertising allows a business to engage with the audience further and attract new followers. A challenge could trigger hashtag trends and prompting the user to create a video while using the hashtag you!

4) Lens Branded

Creating a Branded lenses is one of the best ways to stand out on the ticktock. It can be left running for about 10 days and have a chance to rank in the ‘Hot’ or the tab ‘Trending’ during the first 5 days and spots 6-10 for 5 days. Just like Hashtag Challenge, Branded lenses have a chance to blow up!

Should You Advertise On ticktock?

Short answer: Only if it suits your business objectives and audience demographics.

It may seem like an attractive platform now, while everyone glued to their cell phones during the 19th COVID pandemic. However, this could be a great, upfront investment for a very temporary results.

There is no denying that the ticktock is a great platform with advertising capabilities that can increase your brand awareness greatly if the trend were to happen, but if your audience is not on the platform, it was not worth it.

I highly recommend this due Digital Marketing Company in Newcastle to the fact that the ticktock cost price is very high, with an average CPCs around $ 10 (£ 7.50). Therefore, if you are operating on a tight budget then make sure you spend wisely.

In turn, one of the biggest appe Tik Tok is that there is a very clear identity, which means that users know what they are getting when they click on the application. It light and funny and maybe a little silly sometimes, with challenges and pranks.