Irrespective of IOS and programming language, testing can neither be avoided nor be done easily for any mobile app. A lot of time and efforts need to put as an investment for releasing an error-free, productive, compatible and user-friendly app at your doorstep.

However, inaccuracy and poor time-management make everything a waste. So, nowadays developers are looking for some automated tools which can offer reliable, quicker and excellent results for testing the mobile apps. So if you are an Ios app developer and want to add more fun in testing an app. Then we have enlisted a rundown of top amazing 5 automated testing tools for Ios applications.

Add More Fun In Testing, With Some Testing Tool for Ios.


KIF stands for Keep It Functional, and its core function is testing the UI (user-interface). Undoubtedly, user-interface and functionality, both are synonymous to each other. So, if you are planning to test UI for Ios apps, then this tool offers you realistic test conditions and better conformity together. Here the tests are specifically designed simulating the replica of actions or behavior of users when they actually use the app in real life. Moreover, its close proximity to Xcode allows access to Xcode test navigator, Bot test reports and other in-build tools too.


Calabash is an open source testing tool which makes it available for both native and hybrid apps simultaneously. The key benefit of using is its Cucumber functionality which enables any member of your team or new programmer to write the tests easily. There is no need to stress over long chains of codes as it deals in plain English only.

Besides it, Xamarin is another x-factor of Calabash because more than 1000 different devices in the cloud go hand-in-hand in Xamarin. However, you may found some functional restrictions during its real-time use.


Xctest is an integral automated tool for unit testing of Ios apps. It is provided by Apple, and encompasses almost every advantage of Apple’s ecosystem including native Ios language support, adaptation to Xcode and more. So, if you are looking for a fast and easy-to-use testing tool, then this tool do complete justice with its role. Moreover, it is free and doesn’t require any setup. Just Read the apple’s guidelines and set the ball rolling.

FB Snapshot Test Case:

Facebook is the name behind this automated Ios app testing tool. It is helpful in comparing the UI code of apps with saved screenshots. You can view and test any piece of the text to be ensuring that users are able to interact with the interface of an app. Size, alignment, spacing, font all need to be perfect for better UI. So either by UI view or full screenshot test, you can get your desired results.


Last, but definitely not to be the least, Appium is one of the industry’s most favorite mobile automation frameworks. It is because of its flexibility and open-source features which makes it suitable for both native and android apps. So if you are planning to test the Ios app using this, then it’s a great tool and there is no need to compile application because of the presence of its standard API.