Websites with different look and exciting feature is worth to watch, see below

Today I will tell you what is the actual difference between the modern era and this era related to business as we all know that in the modern era, people usually run their business that’s it. No smartphone, no social media help, no big contacts nothing. But if you look this era then let me tell you that here every business entrepreneur gets the best facilities to run their business smoothly as he/she knows how important or how difficult is to earn money so special techniques are required. But with the social media strategy and smartphone, one more thing that they essential to show their business in top and that is to launch their own Website.

Working on the website is tough job due to day by day competition. But you can’t say it is impossible because most of the business run only if they are operating website with an outstanding facility. We all have heard about the Amazon as we all know that whenever we want to purchase something we directly go to the Amazon. We all love to do online shopping.

Top 5 website you must have to visit
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Why we visit only Amazon first? This is because we know they have developed an amazing website where every kind of column is available that can never make us feel in trouble. Not only the Amazon there are many other amazing websites that you should look to get a good idea for your business so read this article because here we are presenting some special website which is unknown for you all.

Some special website which has amazing features

  • Academic Earth Website

The first is Academic earth website which I am going to describe for you that is unknown by many users. This is educational based website. You have seen many educational online course sites like Coursera, edX, Khan Academy but this website is superb one which shows thousands of different courses including with all essential detail. Yes, the motive of this website is to provide the best education service to their users from the top-most institution.

  • PatrickJMT

Frankly speaking, I am not good at Mathematics and even most of my friend’s score less in this subject. When I was a student I don’t know about it. Now during the research I got to know about this website. I wish I could use this site. So here I want all of you to have a look at PatrickJMT website for maths students. This website will teach you properly with all basic concepts. You can learn here basics of algebra, Trigonometry, advanced calculus and Discrete Math. So watch out the free online videos related to the Mathematics concept here, in interesting ways.

  • MuscleWiki

Above is about the education, now let’s discuss about some health-related website. The number one is MuscleWiki website which is the best way to learn new exercise for your physical health and fitness. Most of us don’t know what exercise to do and what not to do? So don’t worry folks this website have proper information regarding every exercise. So don’t miss out and start focusing on this site to grab the information.

  • Play Retro Games

We remember the time when we are just 9 or 10 years old and love to play Mario game. Wait not only Mario there are many games like Javelin throw, castle contest and many more. DO you want those times back? Watch the website, play retro games which is an online emulator that can enable you to play those games again. Their supportive systems are NES, SNES, GBA and many more.

  • GeoGuessr

Now let’s talk some more fun and thriller gaming sites. This website is ready to be your free time partner. All you have to do is just follow the map in instruction and reach the place where you have to go. This GeoGuessr website game is the best one because here you will see lots of suspense while following the map. Just play the game when you are free.

Well, the websites are infinite who shows you mind-blowing features. Whether we talk about some entertaining one or talk about some educational websites. Above mentioned websites are on top which is designed in such way that you will definitely like. So open those sites at least at once and explore some amazing facilities.