So, Pay Per Click. You know the basics (if not then click here), but you want to take the next steps for your game and get the best bang for your buck.

So here are 10 Dos and Don’ts to push Digital Marketing Company Southampton you in the right direction to become a superstar PPC.

Prohibition, although some of them may seem obvious to some of you, they are all very useful to be aware of and understand why you should not do.

Ignore Mobile
With the mobile phone revolution is slowly but surely becoming more prominent movement, it is becoming more important to take advantage of it in every way possible.

So if you do not take advantage of PPC marketing and mobile advertising then, just, you have to. This can only increase the reach and the possibility of getting a valuable lead that ultimately could lead to extra income!

Ignore Audience Targeting
Now this one is a biggie. This is a common mistake in PPC, focusing too much on the product or brand and ignore your audience.

It is important that you understand your audience profile / customer persona eg gender, age, location, interests, etc. they are all important in getting to know who the people who are actively searching for you.

This should be reflected in the ad copy and images. You have to use the content that will be attractive to buyers of this ideal and if you do it correctly you to convert your chances will shoot through the roof.

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Use adequate Ad Copy
Focusing on targeting and other technical aspects of PPC is useless if what you wrote in the ad was not up to scratch to attract your target audience.

You must have a copy of a very good and interesting stand and lets the audience know how you differ from the competition.

The biggest mistake in this case, do not use all the fields available for copying and also ignore the ad extensions. You have a limited amount of space to attract an audience and you need to make the most of it.

Including details that will distinguish you, helping people make decisions and build confidence in your offer.

Make Only One Advert
Google itself has said that it would be better if you make 3 ads per group to take full advantage of the bidding system to maximize your reach.

your search campaigns must be filled with different ad variations to test what works and what does not work with your target audience.

Does an ad with discounts on a monetary value to get a higher click through rate over the product description? What is the price in the ad more clicks than not disclose the price in the ad? The more tests you do, the more data you will collect which can then be applicable for future campaigns.

No Add Negative Keywords
This is something we hear about often enough.

Negative keywords set of words that you can not tell the PPC campaign to show ads on.

For example, if you sell golf clubs you’ll want to make sure that you have a ‘car’ a broad term as a negative keyword. Many seekers who are looking for a car ‘Volkswagen Golf’ popular could end up seeing your ad for a particular query.

Send Everyone to your Homepage
Now, there are exceptions to this rule, for example, if you offer to your own brand terms etc but if you have an ad about a particular product or service then you must, I repeat – MUST – linking ads to the right product page.

Send customers to your site and expect them to then find the products they are just looking for more will cause a high bounce rate and loss of potential sales and let’s be honest, no one wants it.

Let Your account Tick-Over ‘
It’s very easy to get into a routine leaving your ads to do their thing but it can be a fatal mistake because everything can change in one day and may drain your budget.

large PPC account for marketing professionals. They allow you to test, tweak and optimize your account directly without the need for any design or coding changes. Creating your Digital Marketing Company in Southampton ad campaign and then review it once a month just is not good enough.

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