25% digital workers will use virtual employee assistants by 2021

Alexa, Siri, Amazon Echo etc. are some example of virtual Assistance. The rise of virtual assistant technology is on continuous rise and it is going to even higher. Global research and advisory firm Gartner said that 25% of employee will interact with applications through virtual assistance till 2023. Besides Alexa […]

How will you check & update your Alexa Device Software?

Every company presents its updates time to time and we even don’t know how and when to update it when it’s time to. These days advanced software’s are going on and people purchase it but what about their updation process. This blog is for the Alexa device’s software. As most […]

Now Alexa is available with the multi lingual mode in India!

This new introduction of Alexa by Amazon is worth to operate as we already told you users find this a funny device where they can ask any question and Alexa speaks in their own funny way. You can’t say Alexa is just for few days and after that it will […]

What are the mobile apps that help you save money?

Saving money is best idea to secure your future or to do something very important which comes in your way suddenly. We are living in modern age where everything is expensive. Our earning is not sufficient to maintain it. We all know that mobile application has totally changed everyone’s life […]