Get insight of developer conference of Google 2019

This conference is for the developers, have a look if you missed out Suppose you are using an Android smartphone then my question is for you that what you gonna do to get aware of every new update which is going in town? Many of you are still not aware of any […]

Now Android Q will be known as Android 10

Hello everyone! Today I am here to share something important. Google has announced that previously launched Android Q will be knows as Android 10. Similarly from now it will use numbers for their upgraded versions. Google also announced that no more sweet names will be used for their Android versions. […]

You will not use Google’s cloud print feature after 31st December 2020

very year Google introduces new features, app updates, and launch of any new app to us. These new launch of Google quite create an excitement inside us, but we also get shocked whenever Google shut down any app from Google Play Store, or removes any features from Android devices, desktop, […]