Why most of the developers choose Android in place of IOS?

Developer’s first choice between Android and IOS. Android and IOS collectively has hold over approximately 98.4 percent of smartphone app market. That’s why developers choose either one of them for developing an application. Consumer market for both platforms is different too. This is due to user’s taste and preferences. But […]

Create inner peace with these great mobile applications

In our childhood, we all heard “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away” but now let me show you one more trend going on these days as people change this and says “an application used a day, keeps all stress away”, Is it true? Well, I have seen many […]

Apart from Whatsapp, which messaging apps are useful?

Thanks to all mobile application developers who have made various applications. As when we open our Google or apple play store, we can watch different different apps with same category. For example if you open your play store to download a gaming application, you can see various options for that. But here […]

4 features that WhatsApp will roll out soon

Today I will tell you what the app developer wants from the users. They just want their application should always remain in the smartphone. We all know that how amazing work they have shown for us. On daily basis we use several mobile applications. Can you imagine how relief they […]

Now you can carry your air conditioner with you like a mobile!

Gone are the days where no such technology was available for you. In today’s time I think from office to home everything is under control of technology. We all know that how important technology is. Especially in India where the security is main issue. Everything which saves the human effort, […]

A new Air force game for IOS and android

Addiction is a new disease nowadays. We have seen every child operating the smartphone and using the PUBG gaming app at home. Once you give the mobile phones to them to play, I am sure after 4 or 5 hours they will return the phone. I think this is not […]

Now plan your travel by bus booking app

I can understand the situation when you have to stand in a line for hours to book your tickets when you want to travel from the bus. This is such a hectic situation because we people want to complete this ticket purchasing process soon. I have seen many people living […]

AIWA re-enters in Indian market

We can say our country is successful when it has almost top business entrepreneurs and run their business to bring a new impact. We remember these days every company is running their business all over the world especially in Europe because they know that reaching accomplishment there is a big […]

WhatsApp seeks RBI approval for payments service

You all might have heard about the Payment applications like Google Pay or Paytm app. These apps are the best instances for operating the online transaction securely. Exactly, I think the use of Payment app is rising continuously in this digitized world. And that is why, social media apps want […]

Do you know about Android Anti-theft App?

Well as security loopholes with Google based platform Android is increasing day by day. Recently Google has made a policy of paying hackers to find bug issues in millions of apps in form of Google Bounty program. Similarly, Android anti-theft has been started to make your device more secure. Android […]

Yahoo redesigns their inboxes with its new version app!

We are too involved in the new messaging app and some other messaging platforms. Just one question to all that do you still remember Yahoo? I don’t think so users spend their most of the time on Yahoo platform. Which they do earlier Yahoo is useful for many purposes. Now […]

Google announced improvements in Chrome for desktop and mobile

Many announcements of new updates and gadgets has been done this year and still it is happening. Every month we witnessed to many new changes and updates that are worth to use. Can’t reveal only one name as from Apple to Microsoft everyone is looking to gain more user-experience by […]