How to check, IOS app is safe to install or not?

To win the heart of the users is everyone’s aim. If they got success in doing so then you all know what will be the result is. Money is second priority but you can achieve the goal of getting popularity soon. Do you know how difficult it is to develop […]

Amazon launched its Marketplace App store in India

Hi Folks! As you all aware about Amazon. Today I am talking about Amazon because it has launched its market place app store in India for Indian retailers. We all love to purchase anything from Amazon this is because we can see here variety of products, different brands with different […]

Laravel 6.0 is now released, upgrade yourself

Do you know what difficulty developers have to face for building or developing the applications? It is hard to find out the platform which is open-source or free to develop an app. I guess many newcomers who are reading this blog always get confused. They are not able to understand […]

An upcoming event IOT Expo 2019

This time in my article I am going to tell you about the upcoming event of IOT, which is going to be held in Silicon Valley. What is the first thing you get to know when you heard a word conference or event? You all will give many opinions according […]

22 million app ratings had been removed from the App store!

It will just take a few seconds to throw app developer’s work and their efforts to vain and this is what we saw recently on the Apple App Store. We decided to share with you so that you get to know that the App store can also be the victim […]

Can we reshape the future positively with the Algorithm?

Thinking of most of the people here is that algorithm is just for computer scientists for their work. Well, I guess this time you are incorrect as the algorithm concept can be applied to many normal users. You don’t need any kind of degree or any post to apply for […]

Google has removed an anti-India app from play store

Tech giant Google always remains in headlines not only for launching new apps or introducing new features in mobile devices, but also removing apps from play store. Yes guys, it is true. If you aren’t aware then let me tell you that in the month of September, Google removed 29 […]

Important ways to deal with slow smartphones apps

hen you need an app to do some urgent work, after downloading it you realize that it is not working properly or it is very slow, how frustrating it is? The app we need and it will not work according to you that can make you feel frustrated sometimes because […]

Important tips to develop parking finder app…

Iknow it is easy to find out the shop in India which has amazing collection of product like clothes, accessory, grocery etc. that you needed but how frustrating it is when you are not able to find the parking space near there. That is the reason people hate to go […]