Top 7 features of Apple IOS13 is ready to use in 2019

Apple presented IOS13 with special features. I purchase a smartphone for myself and start using it but after certain time it makes me feel bored and the reason behind is it’s same or old features. It is true that the technology we use again and again or anything we used […]

What’s new with Apple security update?

Update related to Apple is in trend, have a look We all know how important it is for every app developer to show their extra skills towards their work but the negative point is these days professional hackers are ruining their work. How they are doing so? The reason can be many […]

How Apple is making money?

It’s obvious that well-known established large company has reached its goals with lots of efforts and provides outstanding service. I am not saying those company doesn’t work hard as if you want to achieve a goal and need success then you have to show your 100% in every situation. Here […]

Now Android Q will be known as Android 10

Hello everyone! Today I am here to share something important. Google has announced that previously launched Android Q will be knows as Android 10. Similarly from now it will use numbers for their upgraded versions. Google also announced that no more sweet names will be used for their Android versions. […]

5 Best Photo Apps for Incredible iPhone Photography

Just a simple question I know you all operate your personal phone but what is the biggest reason to purchase the mobile phone? Just to receive and make the calls? No, these days people use the mobile phone only those which has a good megapixel camera from both side front […]

Why Indian Airlines told not to fly with MacBook Pro?

Okay now you want to travel somewhere, pack your bags but make sure you are not carrying MacBook with you. You want to know why? I know there are many of you reading this blog, love to operate your MacBook but from now onward Director General of Civil Aviation banning […]

An upcoming event Microsoft Ignite 2019

We always try to get aware our readers about the technology that launches or going to be launched. Today in this article I am going to tell you about the event which is going to held in Florida and that is Microsoft Ignite 2019. Mostly people avoid attending the events […]

Why PayPal withdrew its participation from Libra Association?

Facebook shakes hands with many companies that will help Facebook for its Libra CryptoCurrency business. 28 companies, mostly from tech and payment sectors became original partners of the Libra Association. Now the situation is tough for Facebook as now its own partner has withdrawn from this association. Here I am […]

Update your Mac OS with Catalina, its available now

Most of the Mac lovers are interested to know if there is any new unique feature has been introduced by Apple or any new finest update that is must to install. Apple promised at their conference WWDC 2019 especially for Mac lovers. They revealed about the operating system which they […]

Apple removed app, misused by Hong Kong protester

Can you believe in this story that a country puts pressure on a company to do what they want? You can say, it is a story but this is correct folks. China is disappointed with Apple and the reason is for introducing “” application which should be banned according to […]

Ways to download macOS Catalina in MacBook

From last few months Apple is continuously launching some new gadgets and some important updates. Few days back Apple introduced us with their new iPhone11 series, Apple TV, Apple smart watches and many more. Now Apple wants to do something for those who are MacBook lovers and operate it on […]