Follow Citiesagencies tip to move your business to cloud

As a business, are you struggling to store your business data? Are you tired of buying software to save your data? Or you’re facing money crunch in investing in assets? Whatever problem you’re facing related to saving your business data, the only answer you have here is ‘Cloud computing.’ You […]

App will work without internet, Is it possible?

How can you go outside to reach the destination if you don’t have your own conveyance? How can you book the air ticket through your smartphone? There are many such questions and all these can be solved with the use of mobile applications. The mobile application is something which brings […]

Now Alexa is available with the multi lingual mode in India!

This new introduction of Alexa by Amazon is worth to operate as we already told you users find this a funny device where they can ask any question and Alexa speaks in their own funny way. You can’t say Alexa is just for few days and after that it will […]