Top technology trends to watch in 2021

With changing calendars every year technology trends keeps changing. This article will revolve around top technology trends to watch in 2021. Do you know Sophia? No, she is not an actress or sportswomen. Sophia is a humanoid robot. Yes you read it right. She is ‘human-like’, talks like human and […]

What are the highlights of Budget 2019 for technical industry?

BOOM IN BUDGET 2019 FOR TECHNICAL INDUSTRY Every year budget changes and shows some different way to enables the user in every sector and this time it’s something interesting. If you don’t know then this year it is presented by our interim Finance Minister Piyush Goyal.  Due to the health […]

How AI Can Affect Your Health And Wellness?

Artificial Intelligenc will make you healthy, wealthy and wise. The greatest breakthrough in technological field of 21st century is A.I (artificial intelligence) and the trend of artificial intelligence is on the rise and making the impact on almost each and every types of sector. Since it is so advanced technological innovation that now […]

TANMAY BAKSHI: Youngest App Developer amongst all

Meet the Indian origin youngest app developer. Well there are seven wonders in the world but what about humans. Everybody heard about kautilya the extraordinary boy, ask any question to him he will give you correct answer. Similar to him today we are going to tell you about the youngest […]

Artificial Intelligence: Some predictions for 2019

Some prediction of 2019 about human act technology: Artificial Intelligence Our life totally depends on the technology as we all know that whether we start a new business or working in a company, technology is ready to give the best ease from several ways. A vast change we have seen […]

Can we reshape the future positively with the Algorithm?

Thinking of most of the people here is that algorithm is just for computer scientists for their work. Well, I guess this time you are incorrect as the algorithm concept can be applied to many normal users. You don’t need any kind of degree or any post to apply for […]