Apple removed app, misused by Hong Kong protester

Can you believe in this story that a country puts pressure on a company to do what they want? You can say, it is a story but this is correct folks. China is disappointed with Apple and the reason is for introducing “” application which should be banned according to […]

Apple reveals that your browsing information might send to china

Many Apple lovers are reading this blog so it’s expected that you all know every news regarding Apple. Have you heard about the controversy of an Apple’s application and China? Currently it is quite common and if you are still confused about what topic we are talking, then read our […]

Is Google’s still working on Chinese search engine or not?

Ithink what Google has done for everyone is hard to find out with another tech to do such thing. We have seen many updates many new features which keep our interest going on. People like to spend their time on Google via internet as they know that whatever the problem […]