Alert: WhatsApp Pink scam- How to avoid this fake update

Fake news spreading through WhatsApp forwards is very common these days. Every now and then we receive such messages on our WhatsApp. But this time the fake update of WhatsApp have been forwarded on WhatsApp many times. The message asked users to click on the link attached in the message. […]

Methods to prevent Cyber attacks on mobile devices

Website hacking has become a normal thing in recent times. We can see hacking incidents every now and then in news. Famous people’s social media accounts have been hacked in the past. Well a new reality that has emerged now is that phones can be hacked too. Incidents of cyber […]

How INDUSTRY 4.0 Transforming The Industry Production?

Industry 4.0 may appears to be new type of industry or factory but don’t get fooled. It is just a term invented for describing the fusion between traditional manufacturing and industrial practices within the technological world. Smart technology is the term used earlier for describing industry 4.0; Current phase is the phase […]