Pros and cons of 5G network

These day advance technology is creating awareness in every business. We all know that without the introduction of smart technologies we cannot operate our business and life is much more complex one for us. You can include the internet too as it is one of the technology which has reached […]

An upcoming event Microsoft Ignite 2019

We always try to get aware our readers about the technology that launches or going to be launched. Today in this article I am going to tell you about the event which is going to held in Florida and that is Microsoft Ignite 2019. Mostly people avoid attending the events […]

Why you need to buy cyber insurance?

ow can you stay quiet when cyber crime is increasing day by day and create big issues for every person? Nowadays many hackers are active who are well trained in hacking software’s and devices. That is the reason they are ready to enter in your work. Do you think that […]

Role of Blockchain in Construction Industry

Construction industry also known as Real estate sector is one of the major sectors in economic context. Every nation has its own construction industry; it is a high investment intensive industry. At the same time it is also a most corrupted sector due to its high investment intensive nature. It […]