Top reasons to hire Citiesagencies for Facebook Marketing

Are you presently considering hiring a digital marketing agency for Facebook Marketing? Then Citiesagencies is ideal for your Facebook Marketing campaign. How? Let’s find that out in the subsequent sections. With over 2.7 billion users all over the world, Facebook is one of the best social media platforms to go […]

How you can Improve Video Marketing with Citiesagencies?

Content marketing is one of the most important marketing models for an online business. And video is an extremely important content type. On the internet, people love engaging with videos. Therefore, it is crucial to have a winning video marketing strategy in place. However, many small businesses fail to succeed […]

7 Mistakes you need to avoid on Facebook

Facebook, unarguably the biggest social media platform with close to 3 Billion users around the world is ‘the’ best place for marketing a business or to become a successful social media influencer. While keeping the advantages in mind, we should also know some mistakes that people make on Facebook which […]

Facebook marketing trends you can look for in 2021

Are you thinking of taking your business on social media? Social media marketing, a branch of Digital marketing is the talk of the town. And within the realms of social media, Facebook stand out as the topper. It has the most number of subscribers than any other social media platform […]

Facebook Allows Indian Users to use Reels on its Platform

Instagram Reels was launched in the August of the last year. However, is such a short period of time, it has still gained a lot of popularity and success. Now, Instagram’s parent company Facebook has integrated Reels on its original platform. Hence, Facebook allows Indian users to use Reels on […]

Now Instagram Reels Can Be Played on WhatsApp Mobile App

A lot has been going on in the market of social media applications. It is especially so for Facebook-owned apps. For one, WhatsApp has been in talks continually since the beginning of this year. Sometimes, it was for its privacy policy update and the other for its feature updates. From […]

Facebook Launched Instagram Lite in 170 Countries

As reported by Facebook on last Wednesday, it is going to launch a ‘lite’ version for Instagram in 170 countries. Which countries are those? What is special in this ‘lite’ version of Instagram? Here’s all you need to know. Social networking has become an important part of our day-to-day lives. […]

Facebook vs Twitter vs Instagram, Which one you should Use?

Social networking websites have become an important part of our day-to-day lives. Be it for news, entertainment, socialising, education, business, and whatnot, social media platforms are our ‘go-to.’ Hence, smart businesses make sure to have social media as a part of their marketing program. However, different platforms are suitable for […]

Is social media an addiction?

A new addiction in the market: Social media The time has come where we must say that we all know every kind of technology and aware about mobile apps whether it is about the social media application or about any other purpose. Well, my question is for you all that what you do […]

Some Pros and Cons of Facebook messenger

Whenever someone talks about the social media app then only one app we remember and that is one and only Facebook. Ask from the 90s kid where they first made their social media account? Through which medium they started chatting with their friends and family? Facebook is the first and […]

How Facebook Has Lost Young Users Forever?

There is an oldest social media application which is everyone’s first priority and that is Facebook. We remember the time when we return back from school and open our Facebook account for chatting or writing status and to upload pictures. Very excitedly we check our gallery to select a picture […]

Newly Added Features of Instagram

Let me tell you the trend going on these days on social media applications. Instead of uploading pictures as a post on your profile, people use the facility of putting stories which will stay just for 24hrs and then it will be invisible for everyone. There is no doubt to […]

Now you can share your Facebook post on WhatsApp

Here I can clarify to you many social media applications because there are too many who gives you the finest feature that you are looking for. People always choose the right option and always go with those application which get popularity. Apart from Facebook there is no such app which […]