Latest Gmail update you need to know Now!

Updates have become a constant in everybody’s life. From updating apps to updating profile. Apps especially, update regularly to improve performance, adding new feature and over all just improving user experience. Gmail, the biggest mailing service has come up with a new update. So bear with me while I will […]

‘Do not disturb’ has been added to Gmail and Hangouts

Previously we heard that Google is terminating its hangout for G-suit users. Also it will replace its name by Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. Now the timeline of shutting down app has been extended and the latest news is that Google introduced new feature in it. This feature is called […]

Yahoo redesigns their inboxes with its new version app!

We are too involved in the new messaging app and some other messaging platforms. Just one question to all that do you still remember Yahoo? I don’t think so users spend their most of the time on Yahoo platform. Which they do earlier Yahoo is useful for many purposes. Now […]

Now Gmail is more secure for iPhone users

How can you people stay calm when you are aware of every malware software’s that are changing your mobile phone system? You are running your good life you have everything even you operate your smartphone for every purpose but what if someone tries to enter in your smartphone and operate […]

Now Google will alert your contact if you are on vacation!

Dear Folks, the heading you read is right. Isn’t sounds interesting? Obviously yes, now you don’t need to inform manually to your clients, your friends or whoever in your contact that you are not available. In the month of September this year Google rolled out a new feature for G-suit […]